June 19, 2016

[Review] CHICA Y CHICO Mat Fix Matt Cushion Compact SPF35 PA++ + First Impression

CHICA Y CHICO Matt Cushion SPF 35 PA++

I think alot of us are more interested in beauty cosmetic products rather than skin care products. Personally speaking, I am that kind of person :p Simply because beauty cosmetic products can conceal our skin flaws and give us an instant beauty look as compared to long and persistent skin care routine (which might take months to see the effect) duhh :/ but that's not a good reason to stop daily skin care routine y'heard? :D

After weeks of skin care products, just to give it a balance, I am going to review a beauty cosmetic product which I got it from a beauty haul on Althea.kr not long ago.

As you noticed that BB/CC Cushions are getting really popular nowadays, there must be something which people love about it. I got my first ever CC Cushion Compact earlier February this year during my trip to South Korea. It is from Nature Republic and I just finished the first pack (I will write a review about it later on, and paste the link here).

Actually I quite like the Nature Republic one. But just being me, I want to try on more variety of products and of different brands (within my spending limits, of course). Thence I saw a promotion on Althea.kr and bought it for just RM35! I never heard of CHICA Y CHICO before this, but looking at its product design (thou they say "don't judge a book by it's cover") and price, I am definitely willing to give it a try! :D Black and white, most classic design yah? :D


As you can see, everything is black and simple. I love it, actually

The tone I chose was No. 21, which is indicated as Light Beige.

Well (if you noticed) generally BB/CC Cushion is promoting on healthy glow-ish and dewy finished look. Just like those Korean actresses and artists. Aren't they pretty? (◕‿◕)

But particularly this product, it is promoting on matt-finished look, which simply means no glowy nor dewy shinny look. You see, there are times you need to tone down a little bit, especially for pictures, otherwise your face might look super oily.

Here's my finished look after application... As you can observed, there is no shiny effect. You can get this similar look by applying powder compact, but this one fits on your skin better than powder products.

Something different today. As I have just unboxed and tried it on today, I am thinking of writing my first impression :D Hope it will serve as a good reference (if you are thinking of buying) :3

Good coverage and fits on skin perfectly
Powdery and matt-finished look
Look good on photos

 Beware it can be quite dry after application. Make sure you apply good amount of moisturizer beforehand. It can be quite cakey after a few hours.
✖ For those who are looking for a more natural and easy-application type of BB/CC Cushion Compact, this is NOT highly recommended. It may be too thick for daily-wear.

Do lemme know your thoughts about this product review or share your experience with me in the comment box below.


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