October 3, 2016

[Seoul] Let's GO, Seoul●Busan! 首爾●釜山趴趴走! Day 2.3 光化門廣場●清溪廣場

Let's GO, Seoul●Busan! 首爾●釜山趴趴走!

안녕하세요 여러분! \^0^/
Annyeonghaseyo, everyone!

Today my mum asked me, whether do there anyone who is reading my blog.
Dad heard it and asked, how many followers do I have in blogger.

So if there is no one who reads my blog?

It's okay, let's just say I'm writing for my own sake.
I am happy about it.

An for those who is reading this, thank you and hope you enjoy! :)


September 10, 2016 (Saturday)

Walking down the road from Gwanghwamun,
crossover two streets,
it is Gwanghwamun Plaza (a.k.a Gwanghwamun Square).

세종대왕 King Sejong the Great of Joseon 世宗大王

It is a pedestrian-friendly open downtown urban space
whereby cultural heritage and modern architectures appear as one.

When people talk about Gwanghwamun Plaza,
you can't help not to talk about the features statues of Admiral Yi Sun-sin of Joseon Dynasty and King Sejong the Great of Joseon.

King Sejong the Great is well-known for the invention of the Korean alphabet, Hangul (한글).

The water fountain in front of the statue of Admiral Yi Sun-sin has a deep meaning behind it.
It is named the 12.23 Fountain, to commemorates the 23 battles he fought with 12 warships.

You can also find a waterway, two centimeters deep and one meter across, at 365 meters along the plaza's east side. The floor of it has 617 stones recording the major events happened during Joseon, from 1392 to 2008.

Do you know that you are prohibitted to smoke at the Plaza area? O.O
Along with Seoul Plaza, these two plazas are designated as smoke-free zones by the Seoul Metropolitan Government. Smokers can be fined KRW100,000 in violation.
Just take note will do.

As we walked down the road, walk passed through Gwanghwamun Plaza,
soon we saw this conch shape, spiral snail sculpture landmark of Cheonggye Plaza (.청계광장),
which is also known as the Spring Tower.

It is one of two main attractions of Cheonggye Plaza,
besides Candlelight Fountain.

It is a well-known city area, Many dramas and tv shows took place here.
We even spotted a car from news station.
(quite random, anyways)

The Candlelight Fountain is a 4 m long, two-layered waterfall that flows into the stream, and marks the start of Cheonggyecheon’s flowing current towards the Hangang.

It is said that the Candlelight Fountain is specially stunning at night with its multi-colored illuminations, but too bad we came here too early. Definitely would make another visit here,
and hopefully I have the stamina to walk down until Dongdaemun Design Plaza & Park (Dongdaemun DDP).

If you are adventurous, you can put off your shoes and dip your feet into the water,
just like the others. It must be refreshing.

There are much more people than I expected here today O.O
Is it because it is weekend?
Family, couples and friends are all gathered here, chilling.

You don't know how bad I wish I had a cup of ice coffee in hand,
and sip it along the way......

Well let's just pretend we are drinking ice coffee and our feet are padding the river water......


Thank you and hope you enjoy reading :)
Please look forward to the next post!

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