February 5, 2017

[Review] It's My - It's My Cleansing Foam + It's My Bubble Maker

Hello everyone! :)

We are here in another skincare episode, where we have NOT one, but TWO cleansing products to share with you today.

The brand "It's My" its rather less recognizable in the market. I find they named their products in a very cute way - everything starting with "It's My xxx" - ultimately made me to purchase them. Do you find them cute as well? :)

It's My Cleansing Foam (left) & It's My Bubble Maker (right)

First, I must say, they are available in a very affordable price. Much lower than you could find in the market. I bought the cleansing foam for RM10 and the bubble maker for RM3 on Althea.

Now you should be thinking "does it actually works"? "Will it hurts my skin?"

Well, I hope this product review will clear the doubts for you.

So my philosophy on cleansing foam is simple and straight-forward. All I need is a cleansing foam which does the work - cleanse the oil and dirt. Nothing fancy. As long as it doesn't cause any irritation or cause any sensitive activity on my skin. Unless you prefer a deep cleansing, probably you shouldn't after cleansing foam at all. Try out other products, for example Snow Fairy's Black Pearl Cleanser Mask.

Wonder if you heard of effective bubble cleansing? The idea is to make as much bubbles as you can from your cleanser, then rub/massage on your skin in order for the small bubble particles to cleanse your pores effectively. But how can you get such an amount of bubble that covers your face? Does it means to put more product? NO, all you need is a bubble maker!

Lemme show you how it works :)

Rinse the bubble maker under running water for a few seconds, make sure it is wet. Squeeze the same amount of cleansing foam you use (usually) on the bubble maker. Rub the bubble maker until you think you get the enough amount of bubbles (as below).

Now here's the fun part. Take the bubbles and apply them on your face. Gently rub/massage in circular motions. It is so much fun to wash your face in this way, seeing so much bubbles...and they are thick bubbles! Or, maybe it's just me, having fun (?) Hahaha :D

Depends on your mood and time. If possible, make it at least 1 minute. Then rinse with water.

Bear in mind, cleansing foam might cause dryness to your skin after face wash. It might be irritating for dry skins, so I'm not recommending this if you have dry skin. I myself have normal to oily skin. Neither do oily skin should take it for granted, alright?

Make sure to follow up your skincare routine tediously after face wash, especially toner and moisturizer, because your face pH level increases and it loses facial oil after face wash. Do keep that in mind, and you should be fine :)

For the cleansing foam, I would think it is a so-so product. Nothing much to say about it. It doesn't have any scent and I didn't encounter any irritation after using it. I would say, it is an easily replaceable product. Not highly recommended. But feel free to purchase it.

As for the bubble maker, I think it is the highlight of the day. It is so handy and practical. Not to mention it is absolutely affordable. I just thought maybe everyone should have one at home? Hehe, really just my personal thought.

Rating: Cleansing foam, 2.5/5; Bubble maker, 5/5.

Recommend: Cleansing foam, no; Bubble maker, yes.

Repurchase: Cleansing foam, no; Bubble maker, yes.

Do lemme know your thoughts about this product review or share yours experience with me in the comment box below.


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