October 19, 2019 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Oct 19 Birthday Dinner @ Adelphi & Co.

Hello October!
And we are the October babies.. mum and I.

Thanks to our beloved only man in the family (a.k.a. my dad),
we are celebrating our birthday at Adelphi & Co,
a really really atas place to have really really good steak.

Not gonna lie, this is not a dining place that I can afford, not even on a monthly basis..

Thanks dad for the premium experience. :3

Okay, not only for me lah, mainly for my mum as beef is her favourite.
C'mon, we are here for some serious good premium juicy beef (oh yeahhh).

If you know little (to nothing) about beef (that's me),
better ask for the waiter to explain the menu.
Their service is professional and the staffs are patient in explaining the menu.

Is it a rib-eye or striploin that my parents had ordered?
Geez, I have no idea.

One thing for sure, THE BEEF IS SO GOOOD!

My parents requested the beef to be cooked medium to well-done.
It might looked a bit dry (crispy) on the outer crust,
but oh dear, tender juicy on the inside.

Geez, why I didn't take photo of the inside... (blaming myself silently)

Oh, speaking of surprise element,
you know what has blown my taste bud?

Have you had foie gras (a.k.a. the liver of a duck or goose)?



The taste reminds me a bit of the fatty layer of pork meat,
but the texture is nothing like that.
So soft, tender and full of flavour.

Actually I'm more of a pasta-lover.
I ordered Truffle & Bacom Pappadelle,
which is served with wild mushroom, Parmigiano, 63 degree egg.

To ensure the freshness and the quality of the pasta,
they make their own pasta from scratch, freshly everyday.
If you appreciate good pastas, this is the right place.

The pasta is rich in flavours, and yet not overwhelming.

I would say it was taste-satisfying high-end restaurant dining experience here in Adelphi & Co.
Excellent food and service in overall.

Worth it or not?
It really depends on the willingness of you spending on some really good food.

Thanks dad for bringing us here tonight! Awesome dinner.
I won't be able to have this kind of premium experience without you..
(plainly because I can't afford to in my current situation lol)

Mum, I hope you enjoyed the food. Happy birthday to you!Love you always:3

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