April 19, 2020

[Monthly Project] #38 Unboxing Annual Gmarket Haul (feat. Jayjun, SNP, Dr.Jart+, TONYMOLY, W.Dressroom)

Monthly Project (April 2020)

#38 Unboxing Annual Gmarket Haul v2020

Hello everybody! It's me after 6 months! Gawd it has been ages T^T

If you love K-beauty products like me, you will know why I'm obsessed with Gmarket. I even hope that I'm staying in Korea just because of Gmarket. It's so convenient!

This time round I have not only purchase beauty products, but handbags as well. K-beauty brands which I've purchased from are Jayjun CosmeticSNP, Dr.Jart+, TONYMOLY and W.Dressroom. Handbags are from an online shop named BONNIE BOTTARI.

What's different from my previous unboxing? Welcome Hyeon to the YouTube world!

Yass, unboxing couldn't be more expressive and lively to do on video (than my long-winded writings lol).

The video is available in Chinese and English CC.

Any of the products above caught your eyes? :)
The product links are in the description box.

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