May 31, 2020

[Review] KCKC Color 卡奇色彩 Brow Pencil 自然生动双头眉笔

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Blogging is my interest and I really want to be passionate about writing as well as be on time. Here we are, finally caught up with time. (can I get a pat at the back? 🤗)

Today I'm going to share with you a brow pencil, which is my current favourite brow product from KCKC Color 卡奇色彩.

Most probably you haven't hear of this brand, I assume. This is a Chinese online beauty brand. Thanks to a blogger friend (shout out to Sying Ooi @after.beauty_), I am able to come across this brand and I am well pleased with it's quality.

KCKC Color 卡奇色彩 Brow Pencil 自然生动双头眉笔

Product Description

It's a dual-end brow pencil with a brow spoolie attached on the other end.

KCKC Color 卡奇色彩 Brow Pencil 自然生动双头眉笔

Thanks to it's 3mm thin pencil, I'm able to draw a more defined brow (especially the brow end).

KCKC Color 卡奇色彩 Brow Pencil 自然生动双头眉笔

Currently this brand is mainly circulating in China, and unfortunately the product description is all written in Chinese on its packaging.

But don't you worry, basically I have covered the important notes in this blog post 😉👍🏻

KCKC Color 卡奇色彩 Brow Pencil 自然生动双头眉笔

You might think such thin brow pencil couldn't last long for daily usage - well, think again. As you can see below, it has rather long 'pencil lead' 😲

KCKC Color 卡奇色彩 Brow Pencil 自然生动双头眉笔

I'm using it on weekday basis (daily makeup) and this brow pencil can last for a good 3 months.

The pencil lead's formula is rather soft, so make sure you don't drop it on the floor with its lead exposed (surely the lead will break 😅).

Product Specification

Currently there are 6 colour variation to choose from the product line:

  • 01#深棕色 Brown
  • 02#浅咖色 Light Brown
  • 03#卡其色 Khaki Brown
  • 04#灰色 Grey
  • 05#深咖色 Dark Brown
  • 06#灰棕色 Grey Brown

I bought #03 Khaki Brown on my first purchase and I love it! Hence, I repurchase and got myself #05 Dark Brown and #06 Grey Brown.

See my swatches below.

KCKC Color 卡奇色彩 Brow Pencil 自然生动双头眉笔

KCKC Color 卡奇色彩 Brow Pencil 自然生动双头眉笔


I bought this product on KCKC Color's Official Taobao Shop for RMB9.90 each (approx. RM6).

Meanwhile, I also saw there are some resellers across multiple online platforms, i.e. Shopee and Lazada. For the record, I didn't purchase from resellers, so I can't say or recommend any particular online shops on these platforms. If you wish to purchase from them, you should inquire for more details from the sellers.


KCKC Color 卡奇色彩 Brow Pencil 自然生动双头眉笔
Words are failing me, this brow product is truly fairly priced and underrated! If you are not-so-particular with brand popularity and you are willing to try new product, I would definitely recommend this brow pencil to you.

- Rating: 5/5

- Recommend: For all makeup users.

- Repurchase: Definitely going to repurchase (unless I found better substitutes)

For your reference.


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