May 8, 2021

[Review] Beyond - Intensive Ampoule Mask (Propolis) + First Impression

Hello there!

Here's another episode of Hyeon's try on sheet mask.

I'm going to try on Beyond's Intensive Ampoule Mask (Propolis) this time round.

Review; Beyond Intensive Ampoule Mask (Propolis)

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Product Description

Review; Beyond Intensive Ampoule Mask (Propolis)

Main ingredients:

• Propolis extract (10ppm) – deeply nourish and brighten skin 

• Niacinamide – brighten and calm skin

• No paraben added

Packaging, Scent and Texture

Review; Beyond Intensive Ampoule Mask (Propolis)

It comes in a standard single sheet packet with 22ml ampoule.

It has a slight hint of fragrance, which can easily go noticeable.


Review; Beyond Intensive Ampoule Mask (Propolis)

Apply after cleansing and toner.

Open the packet and remove the liner.

Apply onto the skin and leave on for 15 to 20 minutes. 

Personal Experience

Review; Beyond Intensive Ampoule Mask (Propolis)

I must say, the packaging (colour and design) is very lucrative. It gave me a higher expectation - intensely packed nutrient and high level hydration... which caught me in complete surprise to find it is a "toner-like" mask.

The essence is watery, which is definitely a go-to daily mask.

Despite it uses cotton sheet mask, the texture is not quite stretchable, which you can still see the fold-mark after smoothen it out on the skin.

Where to purchase?

I bought this sheet mask a while ago from The Face Shop physical store.

You can get also get the sheet mask online here at the same retail price of RM10.30+ per piece.


Rating: -first impression, no rating-

Recommend: For all skin types, preferably young and hyperpigmentation skin.

Repurchase: Not likely.

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