May 1, 2021

[Review] Coxir - Vita C Bright Serum

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Before I start, special shout out to Vivian (@bubbly.vivi) for the tag and to Coxir (@coxir_official) for sending the product. I have seen a lot of the brand as the products all over the social media, and finally I got my hands on it.

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Review; Coxir Vita C Bright Serum

About the Brand

Pronounced as "kosi:r", the brand is founded in South Korea in 2018. Using carefully selected less irritating raw materials and continuous research, Coxir has set a goal to bring quality cosmetic products to consumers at a fair price. 

Product Description

Vita C Bright Serum is a daily brightening and moisturizing serum.


• Vitamin C – brightening and anti-aging properties

• Vitamin A – encourage skin cell production and clears up acne

• Vitamin E – increase skin elasticity and keep the skin moisturized

• Niacinamide – regulates sebum production, strengthening skin barriers and replenishes moisture


Review; Coxir Vita C Bright Serum

The product comes in standard size of 50ml.

It is packaged in a transparent plastic bottle with a pump.

Scent and Texture

Review; Coxir Vita C Bright Serum

It has pleasant powdery floral scent.

Review; Coxir Vita C Bright SerumReview; Coxir Vita C Bright Serum

It has a light-weight watery cream texture is highly spreadable and leaves a non-sticky, fresh finished.


Apply after using toner. Take adequate volume and spread all over face in a tapping motion for better absorption.

Personal Experience

Review; Coxir Vita C Bright Serum

I have been using the serum for months now and I think the serum has good AM skin moisturizing properties, which can lasts throughout the day.

To be fair, I don't quite notice any significant skin brightening effect. On the bright side, the product proven to be skin-friendly for my hyperpigmentation skin, very gentle even when I'm having serious breakouts.

Check out my short clip on the product here.

Where to purchase?

You can get Coxir's Vita C Bright Serum here for RM85.

For more product information:

COXIR Official Website:


Rating: 3/5

Recommend: For all skin types, preferably young and hyperpigmentation skin.

Repurchase: Less likely.

Product is provided for review. For your reference.


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