January 19, 2012

Birth Of A Family (가족의 탄생)... with INFINITE

Pictures sharing time~ ^^

FYI, Birth Of A Family (BOAF) is a TV program where abandoned puppies will be taken care by Korean Idol Stars. Of course, not any idol group can have this chance to bring up these puppies, but they also need to be INTERVIEWED first. The groups which are chosen by the authority will be given puppies to take care of, 'til and until they found their suitable masters for each of them. Sounds interesting, right? Let's see how INFINITE lived with their babies~=3

Tata~ It's the babies!!! Coco (black), Dubu (White), and Nurung (brown).

At first, leader Sunggyu who was very afraid of dogs, barely use all his strength to feed Coco by his mouth. >.<
The babies are carried in a special bag... Which I call --- the puppy bag??!! O.O See, they look just like babies... ^^

Dongwoo tried to ask us not to wake these babies up... Shhhh~~~

 Hoya and Baby Nurung~

Sungjongie and Nurungie~ >__<

Sungyeol with young Dubu~ bobo =3

 Sunggyu is taking picture with Dubu~

Let's get some sleep... Good night~~~ =)

 Nice and warm bath... with Sunggyu and BOOM?? HAHA XDD

 Aww~ It's our 100th Day Anniversary with our babies~~~!! \\^^//

 When INFINITE meets with A Pink...
Papa Sungjong: Coco, meet your new friends~! =D

 Sungjong and Dubu~

 Hoya playing with puppies...

 Ahh~ Our leader Sunggyu is not afraid of dogs anymore~ =)

 L with Nurungie~

  Woohyun abba~

Yyyahhhh~~~~~ And also not to forget our cute and (at the same time) manly guy --- Sungjongie!!! Next, extra special photos about him ONLY! ;D

Our maknae - Sungjongie

Oww, I'm sorry I couldn't find much Coco's photos... T^T He is truly the cutest one... for me. >w<
Hope you enjoy seeing these photos. ^.< It's my pleasure to share these photos with you~ And I'm very happy about it.
And of course, all credits to the owners of these photos. =) 

Go to Youtube.com and type "Birth of A Family", then you'll get to watch this funny, merry and meaningful tv show. Do watch this... and have fun!! HAHA XDD

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