January 31, 2012

31st of Jan 2012

What am I doing today?
My life is FULL and FILLED with homework currently... TT^TT what a life!
Luckily my friends/classmates are here to help and guide me through this mist. =)
Specially thanks to Shu Yi.^~^
I can't imagine how my first week will be without her... =D hehe

I am very grateful today as I was blessed and experienced God's miracle.
If you know me well, you will see me always being very careless in real life. =S
I have a bad habit --- put things everywhere I go, which ended up that I lost my stuffs.
This time is my CNY angpau...
All I remember is... I did brought them down to living room, and I can't recall what's next.
Did I put them into my bag? Did I left them in my house? Or someone has stolen them???!
Scared to death man! zzzzz

I prayed hard and wanted to cry... But no tears .______. 

At last, somehow there's a sound inside me tell me to check my laptop case.
And there they are....!!!!!! =D whew~
Silly me......

Now I know, the sound inside me is the Holy Spirit. =)

That's basically what happen to me on the 31st of Jan 2012...

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