January 17, 2016

New Record!

This is unexpected!
It has been played for 12.8k times already (as of today)!

I also received comment on my YouTube channel, a girl saying "it was cute" LOL
(well just FYI I wasn't intentionally want it to be cute, it supposed to be 'fierce'... that's just my style of rapping, believe it or not)

Breaking the record of over 10k air-time plays, honestly it moves me.
Lately I'm kinda bounded and trapped in the cruel reality that "it ain't make money for you" and "it's just a mere interest of yours away from work".

I really really......really likes music, and enjoys making them.
Knowing the fact that people are enjoying my covers by giving me "likes" "repost" or "share" really encourages me to continue my interest.

So please. If you do enjoy my covers, please be generous on giving me your feedback.
If you think I have much more to learn and improve, please write me a comment and I will be grateful.

Thank you y'all! Cheers :)

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