October 15, 2017

[Review] Atomy - Sunscreen Beige SPF50+ PA+++

Hello everyone! :)

Today I am going to share with you a sunscreen product which I just got from Atomy not long ago.

Review; Atomy's Sunscreen Beige SPF50+ PA+++
Atomy's Sunscreen Beige SPF50+ PA+++ | 60 ml / 2. fl, oz.

Probably some of you might been introduced to this brand (I don't think it is widely known as I am writing this).

As far as I understand, this brand is manufactured and imported from South Korea, and they market it via some sort of membership scheme. (asdfghjkl) Anyway, let's not get drifted away.

To put it simple, this brand currently doesn't sell their products via any kind of physical stores. They do have a website, but you could only place orders after joining membership. Or, as for me, I got it from a friend who has a membership. ;)

This sunscreen product comes in two options: White or Beige.

I chose Beige and it costs me for RM32 for this sunscreen.

Review; Atomy's Sunscreen Beige SPF50+ PA+++Review; Atomy's Sunscreen Beige SPF50+ PA+++

The packaging is rather simple, as you can see. White body and a silver grey twistable cap. Portable size which is very convenient to bring everywhere.

Review; Atomy's Sunscreen Beige SPF50+ PA+++

Ingredient list as per above. (Check out the ingredient analysis by Skincarisma here)

**Note: This product contains small percentage of fragrance.**

Now I am going to show you how it works on my skin. ;)

Beautiful peachy-beige colour. The texture is thick and creamy.

Review; Atomy's Sunscreen Beige SPF50+ PA+++

Give it a rub and see how it looks. The sunscreen has a smooth and spreadable texture.

Review; Atomy's Sunscreen Beige SPF50+ PA+++

...And this is the finish look (as below).

Review; Atomy's Sunscreen Beige SPF50+ PA+++

Since it is beige colour, are you curious about its coverage? Check out my comparison below.

Notice my freckles. The side with sunscreen is slight less noticeable compared to the other side. However, to be honest, I don't observe much of the coverage (and I don't think it is meant for coverage).

So if you're thinking of sunscreen with coverage, I hope you reconsider.

Anyway, I do believe getting beige sunscreen would give a more natural finish look than white. (Note: I haven't try it's white sunscreen; I am just saying because they are some sunscreens which give those pale cement finish look >.<).

I can feel like a layer of substance wrapping on top of my skin; that's my first impression.

My feelings toward this product changes as I continue using it on a daily basis. Nowadays I don't feel so much burdensome on the skin as previous.

You might feel sticky after applying sunscreen on your face. That's normal. To get rid of that uneasiness, apply a light layer of foundation pact/translucent powder/any oil-cutting powder. That should do the trick. ;)

This product is available on Atomy website.


Rating: 3.5/5

Recommend: Yes.

Repurchase: Probably.

For your reference.


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