May 15, 2016

[Review] MEMEBOX X HERMO Holiday Edition PONY Nail Collection

MEMEBOX X HERMO Holiday Edition PONY Nail Collection

People who knows me personally can totally tell that I am a BIG FAN of nail polish/lacquer. Well, here we are, a review on a new nail lacquer collection which I have added - MEMEBOX X PONY!

For you who is not quite familiar with PONY, she is a Korean YouTuber whom is famous for self-taught makeup tutorials, hottest K-beauty trends and beauty tips (check out her YouTube channel : Pony's Beauty Diary). She collaborated with MEMEBOX and introduced a product line exclusively inspired and designated by her whereby it aims for beginner-friendly yet glamorous. Side notes, she is 2NE1 CL's exclusive makeup artist at the moment. (Geeeee, you can surely tell how good she is)

As the title reads, you can tell that I bought them from They were having a Christmas sale then and this collection was introduced. Hermo actually sells them individually, but made a customized-collection for Christmas : 4 x PONY MEMEBOX nail lacquers (4 x 10 ml) plus 1 x I'M NAIL REMOVER (100 ml) for RM59.00/set. (you will find their original price as you read)

Left to right:
01. Meteor Shower #02
02. Worm Hole #01
03. Eclipse #04
04. My Planet #03

A black label which one end sticks on the bottle cap and the other on the body.
A design to ensure you are the first to open the bottle.

Look at all these pretty colors. Bold and attractive. Most of all, they all fit the Christmas theme perfectly. Well, don't worry that you may only get the chance to wear it during Christmas month, with some magical mix and match, they could turn out to be very wearable even if it's not festive days.

Here I am going to show two of my mix and match results inspired by PONY herself \\^.^//

                    Worm Hole #01 + My Planet #03
Meteor Shower #02 + Eclipse #04

Green is never my favourite, but My Planet #03 is such a glamorous creamy color by its own. (sorry, guess it's not quite visible in my photo above)

As for the nail lacquers, their original price at Hermo is RM20.00/each, but it can be sold at price as low as RM9.00/each during promotional seasons. (Do look out for promotion and be a smart money spender!)

Talking about the nail polish remover, is it me or do you felt the same that they might just missed out a word for the product name??? Shouldn't be it called "I'M NAIL POLISH REMOVER"??? I don't think that anyone would actually like to remove their nails, but nail polish would be acceptable :p As design per say, I find it is quite interesting to name products after "I'M" something something. For example, "I'M TOOTHPASTE" or something else XD


And here we have "I'M NAIL REMOVER". It has a VERY strong sweet strawberry scent, quite pleasant anyway. I would say, it is similar to any average nail polish remover you can find in beauty stores out there. In terms of usability, it is quite handy while removing plain nail lacquer; however, I still struggles while removing nail lacquers that contains particles, such as Worm Hole #01 and Meteor Shower #02. Hermo priced it RM25.90/bottle before any discount, yet it can be sold at price as low as RM8.00/bottle during promotional seasons. (Goshhh crazy pricing)

What are you waiting for? Brighten up your day and sends off Monday blues by coloring your nails today! :)

Do lemme know your thoughts about this product review (what can I improve in my next product review) or share your personal review in the comment box below.


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  1. Improvement #01 : I really hope that I could discipline myself to write on a weekly basis..:/ (cross-fingers)


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