May 23, 2016

[Review] Etude House Skin Mal:gem Moist

Etude House Skin Mal:gem Moist (250 ml)

If you ask me, to choose one, which step you cannot eliminate in your daily skin care routine? I would say, skin moisturizing. And I would pick "sun block application" as the second utmost essential step (which I would cover in my future post).

Living in an environment which is hot and humid almost 80% in a year, we often had oily skin and acne problem. In fact, I suffered serious acne problem during early-teenage (puberty) where I am too embarrassed to show my forehead. Then as time passes and hormones stabilizes, it all become under-controlled in its own natural way. 

However, still our skin gets oily easily during the hot days. One day, as I was reading an article, then I realized the reason why our skin secretes sebum is of a self-balancing action. Like how? For example, you wash your face with deep cleansing solution (thinking of cleaning all the oil and dirt off your skin) and leave it bare (without putting any skin care product), you will still find your skin secretes sebum. In fact, your skin does that in order to prevent skin dryness and to keep it moisture. Think of that, what if you keep your skin moisturized, would it keep of sebum? Not completely, but most certainly there is an effect.

Basically, you can feed your skin with water in TWO ways: drink/consume water (indirect) and apply moisturizer (direct). To do the direct way, a good moisturizing toner would do the trick. And today, I am going to share with you my personal favourite - Etude House Skin Mal:gem Moist Care Freshener.

맑음 (mal:gem) is the Korean word for cleanness, clarity and pureness.
Skin Mal:gem hypoallergenic toners are promoting clean, clear and
pure complexion with moisturizing and pore cleansing formulas.

An aluminum seal is found as shown above

Toner in 4-ways

You may use the series in 4 ways:
#01 - Directly apply fresh and/or smoother toner, then apply moist and/or deep moist and/or essential
#02 - 30-minute point-mask (apply on cotton pad and put on certain face spot)
#03 - Whole mask (apply on compressed-paper mask and put on your face)
#04 - Facial mist (pour it into a mist bottle and spray on your face)

I am quite a lazy person, you see. So most of the times, I simply just apply it directly to my face after cleansing. As demonstrates as above, I pour the toner into a smaller bottle (30 ml) as it is more convenient to bring it around than carrying a-250 ml, especially during short trips. Personally I like this pressed-type bottle as it is easier to control the portion that is being dispensed (to prevent wastage).

As you can see from the photo above (left), you can tell the density of the toner. This is how I usually describe its density to my friends:- it is neither sticky as Hada Labo, nor watery as those alcohol-type toner. Its non-heavy solution is just nice for the skin to absorb within seconds.

Please do not expect you will glow after applying this. It is not magic portion, or what-so-ever. It is merely a toner with moisturizing effect. In order to treat your skin well, this is an essential-step. To see the effect, do it consistently.

To note, this has been the THIRD bottle (250 ml) I have purchased. It used to price around RM80/bottle. I bought for RM33/bottle on my last purchase which is last year Christmas as there were year-end promotion.

Do lemme know your thoughts about this product review or share yours experience with me in the comment box below.


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