July 18, 2016

[Review] W.Lab Black Kill 3-Step Nose Pack

W.Lab Black Kill 3-Step Nose Pack

Having troubles with blackheads or whiteheads? Me either :/ And I'm sure that people like you and me would really fancy with these kind of stuffs above (comment below if you agree :D) But how can we know, identify or differentiate which product is what it claims? o.o Somebody has to give it a try anyway...

Let me put it upfront to you. I was having great expectation on this product, especially reading the testimonies uploaded on the online shopping website (which obvious not unbiased, I should know), so I'm quite disappointed with it actually :/

So this gonna to be a brief one.


As you see, it comes in a strip with dotted lines which ease you in tearing the pieces apart. Theoretically, you should remove most of the blackheads/whiteheads after these three useful steps.

Step 1
Apply the first nose patch which suppose to enlarge the pores, so that serum can be pulled out easily on the next step. The first nose patch is rather damped and I already forgot how it smells like. It just sits comfortably, like facial mask. After 10~15 mins, then remove it. By then, I spotted quite some whiteheads are coming out, but reality somehow didn't meet the expectation.

Step 2
The second nose patch is like a cellophane tape. I think this kind of nose patch can be easily found in Watson or Guardian which you stick the sticky side of the patch on your nose, then you have to pad some water on the other side of the patch, and wait until it dries off, tear it off. It is supposed to pull off all the blackheads/whiteheads we gathered just now. It really gives you the pleasure while pulling off the nose patch. Sometimes when I get a lot of them stucked on the patch, I feel so satisfied :D Feels like "my nose is super duper clean now!" Well, I didn't get that while putting on this, so... maybe I wasn't having much blackheads/whiteheads then IDK

Step 3
Finally the last step. I opened it up, it is damped as the first one. It is supposed to tighten the pores and act as a coolant. It really gives the cooling effect, but too bad the first two weren't that promising.

Coming to the price. I bought it on Althea for RM7/pack. If you ask me, I wouldn't repurchase it. Meanwhile, I am using The Face Shop's New Zealand Volcanic Clay Black Head Clay Nose Pack. Nevertheless, I will try to look out for other products that works better on me.

Do lemme know your thoughts about this product review or share your experience with me in the comment box below.


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