July 7, 2016

[Singapore] 151208-11 Singapore->Malacca->Singapore : Star Cruise Experience (part 1)

This should be written and posted long ago yet I haven't had the time until now.

Hope you enjoy the reading! :)


Travelling is fun. Throughout the trip, we make memories and collect new experience. But human gets confused lots of the times. I had never been on a cruise before this, and I really wanted to go. However, when the time gets nearer, I became anxious about being grounded on a big ship for 3D2N. What if the ship drowned? I can't swim. What if suffered from sea sickness? It would be the worst trip ever... Thousands of thoughts went through my mind, and I just have to suppress and try to convince myself "It will be alright". Least assured, it was an enjoyable sail :)

So let's start the journey~! :)
Our sail will start from Singapore, all the way North to Malacca, then back again to Singapore. But first we have to fly over to Merlion's hometown.

Flight meal

Now travelling has become easier with the help of websites/apps. They will help you filter your choice and preference, provide you every option under your fingertips. If you are a travel-amateur (like me), Singapore is a good start to plan a short trip. It is well-developed, road signs everywhere, you won't get yourself lost here anyway.

This is the second time we booked our stay in Singapore via AirAsiaGo.com. We stayed in Lavender Hotel which is near to Lavender MRT Station on the last trip. A bit of change, we decided to stay in Porcelain Hotel which is near to Chinatown MRT Station this time. It is located in Chinatown street. As you can see (picture below), porcelain white exterior design, isn't it lovely and classic?

The street where we stayed for one night

Across the street, we found an interesting pet cafe where they posted lots of adorable cats framed-pictures on the side of the wall. They are just way too cute :3

It becomes tricky when it comes to food. We aren't picky, but we really need recommendations as we weren't sure which stall/restaurant makes good food. So that's when dad will tell us to observe the crowd. The bigger the crowd they have in one place, meaning people like the food there :p (what a great tip, dad)

Dinner is served

Obviously what we can get from Chinatown street is Chinese food (of course!). This restaurant was so packed that night, dad suggested we should check it out. Honestly, by reading at the menu, we do not know what to order (although it is written in Chinese and English). Everything is so unfamiliar to us. At the end, we ordered a tofu-dish, a potato-dish cooked with beef and a soup. Ta-da! An authentic Chinese meal is served. All I can say is "I'm SOOOOOO satisfied" :9

After that, we had a walk 2-3 streets down the road. I really enjoy taking a casual walk like this, ONLY when I'm in other countries (LOL). There is a Chinese-saying, "外国的月亮总是比较圆" (The moon always looks more beautiful in other countries). Well, probably that's it :) By the way, the Korean ice-blended melon dessert ("bing-su") is yummy but quite expensive. I wouldn't recommend you to try it.

Good night, Chinatown!
Stay tuned for part 2! :D

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