July 31, 2016

[Review] Missha The Style Under Eye Brightener

I'm gonna end this month's product review with another concealer products. At the very end of this post, I'm gonna give an overall review to all my concealer items and rank which concealer product I like the most (at the moment). So please read until the end :)

Missha The Style Under Eye Brightener

I bought this online at Althea.kr at RM15. Honestly, I wonder at that time, how come liquid concealer could sell at such a price? That's widely affordable price! Geeee... Could it be too good to be true? I do not have much idea how to use it when I added it into my online shopping cart, but for the price, I'm willing to give it a try. Let's find out~

This is the first liquid tip concealer that I've ever purchased (The Saem's Cover Perfection Tip Concealer was the second). The only shade they have on the website was Light Beige. 

Before this, I read articles and watch youtube tutorials on how to conceal dark circles. As the product claims to be "under eye brightener", I tried it on and hope it does the trick. Apparently the shade is not what I expected from what it-called "Light Beige". It is more yellowish than I thought. Shade like this, I would rather name it "Natural Beige" as it is definitely a No. 23. Quite disappointing actually.

After applying it on my dark circles, I guess it does conceal part of it. However, it doesn't really conceal well for my freckles. Applicator wise, it is really handy with the tip-handle. There is a saying in Chinese, "一分钱一分货" (you get what you pay for). Not much to say, let's move on.

Overall ratings:

Finally, it's the time to reveal to you my favourite concealer items at the moment! :D

The first 3 products are liquid-type and the 4th is stick-type concealer. 

I prefer The Saem the most, because I really like the color (Clear Beige) and it has the best coverage among the four. 

Missha would be my second favourite as it is not that bad actually. Remember I shared about color-correcting make-up skills? Yellow offsets purple; it works well to conceal dark purple eye circles. So I will keep it in my make-up box. 

This Benefit's product I have in hand is a stay-put primer for concealers and eyeshadows actually. In fact, I find the solution is too dilute for concealer, causing its color not that concentrate and appealing as the others (as you can see from the photo above).

As for the stick concealer, I would say it is a total fail for me. First, the color doesn't match my skin (it was recommended by the salesgirl in the store); second, its texture is too dry; third, it is not smooth enough to blend into the base/foundation. I'm trying to find a way to finish it up and not to throw it away. I'm still trying...........

Do lemme know your thoughts about this product review or share your experience with me in the comment box below.


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