November 20, 2016

[Seoul] Let's GO, Seoul●Busan! 首爾●釜山趴趴走! Day 4.1 爱宝乐园●外卖炸酱面晚餐

Let's GO, Seoul●Busan! 首爾●釜山趴趴走!

안녕하세요 여러분! \^0^/
Annyeonghaseyo, everyone!

Sorry for taking so long since my last travel journal posting >.<
Was caught up in something, but I hope everything will get on track soon.

This post today is about Everland! \^0^/
Since every themed-park looks somewhat similar from one to another (to me personally),
so basically I won't go into detail here;
so as to:- what are the recommended places and foods in there.

I shall leave this part for you to explore when you get here :D

Without further a due, let's go go GOOO! :)


September 12, 2016 (Monday)

First thing first, I'm awfully regret that I actually wore a skirt on that day.
(OMG did I hear wrongly?)

Nope, you didn't.
And that's the worst case EVERRR.
Never ever ever wear skirt to themed park, y'heard?

All I was thinking is to look pretty in photos, but totally forgot that's not even practical at all.
Simply because wearing skirt is inconvenient for any outdoor activities @@

Anyway. Enough of self-mourning. Let's move on to our topic today.

As of I know, there are at least 3 ways to go to Everland:-
(1) By public bus;
(2) By Everland private shuttle bus;
(3) By metro/train.

Right at the beginning, we have decided to take public bus as we took reference from other bloggers.
(share link here) <--- it is written in Chinese, btw

If you are intended to take Everland private shuttle bus, you may check out the latest bus schedule here. You have to make advance booking via phone call. Btw it is a two-way ticket.

If you are feeling adventurous and you have plenty of time, you may take metro and take a few transits to reach the Everland Station. The one-way route should cost around the public bus fare.

So we decided to take public bus because:-
(1) it's the cheapest;
(2) most convenient (it stops at Everland's front gate, and from there you can take Everland tour bus to reach the ticket counter, FOC);
(3) the least time-consuming way to reach Everland. :)

Early in the morning, we set out by taking metro to Gangnam Station (222), Exit 10.
Walk straight for about 5-10 mins, upon seeing Kakao Talk Friends Outlet on your left.
Then you should see a bus station just right in front of the store.

Many people were already lining up there, and we even didn't get into the first bus @@
We are taking Bus 5002, and it should take around 1 hour to reach our destination.
To note, this bus station is the first station for the route taking off to Everland.
That explains why there are so many people lining up here.

Whoohoo! We are on-board now!
We didn't get much sleep last night, so we try to grab a nap on the bus...zzz
(snoozed-out immediately)

After an hour......
We arrived at Everland, and quickly we purchase the entrance tickets at the counter.
Due to Thanksgiving Festival, by showing our passport,
we are entitled of getting a promotional price of KRW27,000/pax.
(Normal price is KRW52,000/pax)

**Address : 경기도 영인시 처인구 포곡업 Everland로 199**
Tel : 82-31-320-5000
Operating Hours : 10:00~21:00
Website : (English)

You won't miss the Hologram Theatre as you entered the park.
They were featuring GD and AOA at that time.

Since I won't be that lucky to meet GD in person,
I'm happy even taking selfie with him on the wall heh :D (fangurlingggg)

As Halloween is approaching, their decorations change according to the theme of the month.
Creepy? A little bit.

Even random photo came out nice.
The place is so clean!

Actually I'm not quite sure whether we came to have some fun, or site-seeing :p
All I know is we definitely took alot of photos that day.
Field trip dayyyy!!

Since it is Monday, there aren't many people in the park.
Spoiler of the day would be the great sun... which shines so brightly,
and we can't help but to hide under shades to avoid the heat +_+

There are quite some decent restaurants located inside the park.
However, as we are on a budgeted trip, we chose to have a light meal instead.

We went to Cowboy Town, and had udon with various fish cakes.
It costs us KRW7,300 per serving.

In fact, I was trying to find a fast-food restaurant, but there are none.
After we had our lunch and walk passed to the other side of the block, then we noticed this burger cafe. Nawww we should have went there instead hahaha (I'm craving for french friessssss)

Folks, if you tried this burger cafe,
please do comment below and lemme know how the food tastes there :)

Seriously we cannot withstand the heat anymore.
Right at that time, we found an indoor theater hall.
Without second thinking, we ran towards it.

Ahh~~ we are saved by the air-conditioner!
...And apparently we are not the only one who think the same.
Parents and young kids all lined up there, waiting for the show.

It is a 4D theatre hall. They are showing Rio at that time.
Almost waited for a full hour, finally our turn to enter the hall.
At least, we could chillax...

Moving on, we quickly move to the next stop -- the safari ride.
Although the whole themed-park is not quite crowded,
we still need to wait for an average 30 mins at every counter.

**side note**
You can purchase Q-pass online or offline in order to skip the queue for certain facilities.
For more information, please inquire at the ticket counter.

It's been awhile since I went to zoo.
The existence of these wild animals are just amazing!
But too I can't help thinking how boring they are to be kept inside a limited area,
while they should belong to the wild :/

Look at the brown bears! Cuteness overflow~ ^_^

Couldn't miss for having snacks along the way! :9
(we found that the bread sausage is tastier and cheaper to get inside, rather than the stalls outside)

You think it's over? Not quite yet.
These fluffy creatures are just too adorable :3
Sadly none of them pay attention to me ;_____;

I did mentioned that I wasn't feeling well since Day 2 :/
And probably being struck by the heat, I was nearly knocked-down.
Critical battery level ---
(I'm so sorry for Cong Min >_<)

Instead of walking up backwards to the start-off point,
we are taking the cable car (a much simpler structure).

Hold tight. Up up we go!

Say "cheese"!

We are taking the exact route and transportation as how we came here.
Tour bus >>> Public bus >>> Metro

Say "hi" to bus 5002! :D

By the time we reached our guesthouse, it's already 8PM.
With the help of the guesthouse staff, we ordered delivery for dinner! (something veryyy local)
They are none-other than the classic menu : Jjajjangmyeon + Fried Dumplings + Sweet & Sour Pork
This whole dinner set costs us KRW17,000.

The jjajjangmyeon is exceptional! We love it so much~
The fried dumplings and sweet sour pork are just so-so. Too much flour batter.
Nevertheless, we ate deliciously and fully satisfied! :9
Probably the most satisfying dinner we had throughout this trip :3



Thank you and hope you enjoy reading :)
Please look forward to the next post!

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