June 11, 2017

[Review] Lizly - What a Chic Palette!

Hello everyone! :)

Today I'm gonna share with you a chic eyeshadow palette from Lizly*^v^*

I can't wait to show you this because it has become my favourite go-to eyeshadow palette recently!

Review; Lizly's What A Chic Palette!
Lizly's What a Chic Palette! | 리즐리 왓 어 시크 팔레트!

I bought this from Althea for RM41.

Not only affordable, but also practical. You can use every single eyeshadow color in this palette to achieve chic & lovely daily makeup-look.

Review; Lizly's What A Chic Palette!

And I also love its carry-friendly design. Makeup touch-up? No problem, carry away! ;)

Review; Lizly's What A Chic Palette!

Look how lovely these colors are (as below):-

Review; Lizly's What A Chic Palette!

1. Chic Seoul (시크서울)
2. Chic London (시크런던)
3. Chic Athens (시크아테네)
4. Chic New York (시크뉴욕)
5. Chic Paris (시크파리)
6. Chic Tokyo (시크도쿄)

Since these are powder-eyeshadow, not cream-type, so, there will be a little lacking on the color payoff. Unless you are up for stage-makeup, otherwise I would definitely recommend this palette.

First off, I'm applying a layer of cushion foundation on top of my eyelid to even out the discoloration (as below).

Here I'm gonna apply the combination of 2 colors below (Chic London + Chic Athens) using my finger. Tap-tap, tap-tap.

...And apply it all over my eyelid. The trick is, follow the curve of your eyeball. Blend it out nicely and evenly (as possible).

Next off, I'm gonna apply the combination of 2 colors below (Chic Athens + Chic Paris) only on the outer corner of my eyelid.

This is to give an enlarged-eye-look. (...if there is a word like that...) Okay, in order for my eyes to look bigger. And also, giving it a bit (just a bit, not more XD) of gradient-finish. Then blend it out again, nicely and evenly. Use a clean fluffy blending brush if you want.

Last but not least (definitely), this is very important. To draw a thin eyeliner along the lash line to create a more defined-look. I'm using Bbia's Last Pen Eyeliner #02 Sharpen Brown.

I only managed to demonstrate 3 out of 6 colors in this post. Look, as for the lightest eyeshadow (Chic Seoul), I often use it to highlight brow bone and/or the inner corner of the eyes.

As for the lovely pink (Chic New York; which reminds me of spring), I also use it for blusher. It's such a pretty girly color.

As for the darkest brown (Chic Tokyo), I would use a pencil eyeshadow brush to run along my lash line as a subtle eyeliner or even to use it to mattify the liquid eyeliner (so it won't smudge easily).

Most of the times, it depends on how much time I left after breakfast for makeup. Anyhow, even I'm in a rush, this simple makeup-look (demonstration which I've just shown above) won't fail me.

Personally, I would prefer matte than glittery look, which explains further why I enjoy using this palette.

Rating: 5/5

Recommend: Yes, definitely!

Repurchase: In the short term, nahh, it is a looong way to hit the pan.

For your reference.

Do lemme know your thoughts about this product review or share yours experience with me in the comment box below.


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