June 25, 2017

[Review] NH Detoxlim - Colla Plus Advance (Trial + First Impression)

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A bit of a change. I'm gonna share with you a different kind of product review. It's something you can drink for your skin, instead of applying on your body.

Probably you have came across this brand before in Malaysia. It is widely available at Watson, a drugstore chain.

Review; NH Detoxlim's Colla Plus Advance
NH Detoxlim's Colla Plus Advance (50 ml x 6 bottles)

Review; NH Detoxlim's Colla Plus Advance

Surprisingly, thou this product is alleged manufactured by Japanese company (under the licence of Ikoda Bio Co. Ltd. Tokyo), this brand is actually originated from Malaysia (under Herbalceutical (M) Sdn. Bhd.).

Why I ended up purchasing this collagen drink?

Frankly speaking, I wasn't targeting on it at first. So happened I noticed there is a PWP event at Watson where this trial package is selling at half price, which is RM28.20, provided you purchase above RM30 and/or purchase any Watson's merchandise.

I thought RM4.70 per bottle of collagen drink is rather cheap. Both my colleague and I we went back and do a some research about it. Then we decided on the next day to give it a try (why not?).

Review; NH Detoxlim's Colla Plus Advance

Okay so why drink collagen drink?

My concern is, what I'm applying to my skin is just on the surface. What about the inner skin? It sounds really fancy to beautify your skin from inside out - inner shine. And how good if it really delivers what it claims?

Review; NH Detoxlim's Colla Plus Advance

This is my first time consuming collagen drink. I was a little bit anxious about the taste when I looked at the ingredient list.

Review; NH Detoxlim's Colla Plus Advance

Review; NH Detoxlim's Colla Plus Advance

To my surprise, it isn't that bad after all. Not sure for you, but to me, it tastes more like mango than passion fruit (heh). Well, maybe the last bit in a gulp would taste like fish oil, just have a sip of water and the unpleasant taste will fade off in a sec.

The recommended dosage for the first 6 days is to consume a bottle daily on an empty stomach or before bedtime.

Review; NH Detoxlim's Colla Plus Advance

What I did for the next 6 days was to consume a bottle every morning before breakfast.

What do I observe after the 6-day course?

If you ask whether do I observe significant skin improvement? Not actually, well what do you expect within just 6 days?

Well, I do observed that my skin is smoother and softer after the trial course. (Can I say for sure it's because of this collagen drink?) No, I can't say for sure as I was trying out some other skincare products at the moment.

Would I purchase full size package? To be honest, I'm not looking into collagen drinks at the moment. Throughout this 6-day trial course, I was really excited every morning when I woke up and look forward to see skin improvement, and I enjoyed the whole process.

Even though I can't observe significant improvement fortnightly, but I believe these are good stuffs and good for our body if you consume for a long period.

So if you have some extra money to spare, I would recommend you to try out this short trial course (depends on the stock availability) then decide whether to purchase full size or not.

Review; NH Detoxlim's Colla Plus Advance

Review; NH Detoxlim's Colla Plus Advance

Rating: 4/5

Recommend: Yes.

Repurchase: Not at the moment.

For your reference. For further readings, click here.

Do lemme know your thoughts about this product review or share yours experience with me in the comment box below.

Treat yourself well and love yourself. Cheers!^^


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