July 2, 2017

[Review] CFC Lab - Argan Glow Hair Oil

Hello everyone! :)

Do you like to dye your hair? Or do you have hair entangling problem??

Are you searching online for some good recommendations on hair oil???

Maybe you could consider this one from CFC Lab. :D

Review; CFC Lab's Argan Glow Hair Oil
CFC Lab's Argan Glow Hair Oil | 110 ml

I've been looking for hair oil for quite some time. Before this, I only use hair conditioner and hair steam cream.. My all-time go-to brand? Sunsilk. It is very popular in Malaysia.

However, I still having hair entangling problem which is really annoying. That's when I thought maybe to get a hair oil product.

As I always browsing Althea online shopping website, I saw this product featuring on the dashboard a couple of times. The online customer reviews were positive, highly recommended. So I thought to give it a try.

I bought this Argan Glow Hair Oil on Althea for RM45.

Review; CFC Lab's Argan Glow Hair Oil

First when I got the product, I thought to myself, "isn't it the packaging awesome?" Dark navy blue as background/main color and cream yellow color font. Simple and classic. I'm so impressed.

Often people says, "don't judge a book by its cover", well let's be honest, I'm those people whom are easily impressed and influenced by beautifully-packed products. Definitely a 10/10 score for the design and packaging.

Review; CFC Lab's Argan Glow Hair Oil

The brown bottle itself is made of plastic (just if you're wondering whether it is made of glass, but nope).

It comes with a press-nozzle. You can replace the cap with the press-nozzle as you wish. The press-nozzle would come in handy in order to get just the right amount of hair oil.

All you need to do is to remove the original cap, remove the foil and assemble the nozzle. Voila!

Review; CFC Lab's Argan Glow Hair Oil

It comes with a transparent cap (smaller) for the nozzle. Hence it becomes travel-friendly.

Usually I will press the nozzle for 2~3 times and apply it one the ends of my hair.

Review; CFC Lab's Argan Glow Hair Oil

Maybe some people will say, "hair oil? would it looks greasy on the hair?"

I found this hair oil is not only has light formula, but also feels weightless on the hair.

Review; CFC Lab's Argan Glow Hair Oil

Now my hair looks more tidy and moist after the application (see below).

Review; CFC Lab's Argan Glow Hair Oil; BeforeReview; CFC Lab's Argan Glow Hair Oil; After

On top of that, it has incredibly pleasant combination of fruit and floral scent. Almost smell like a perfume, but not.

If you're thinking, "RM45 for a bottle of hair oil, is it worth the money?"

Considering the visible good effect after applying the product and that I've been using it for more than 3 months and it's only 20% of the content, I would say it worth the purchase.

But bear in mind that the effect wouldn't last through your next hair wash. It isn't a magic hair oil which you can get glow and healthy hair by just applying it once. You will have to continue apply the hair oil everytime you do your hair wash.


Rating: 5/5

Recommend: Yes!

Repurchase: Yes.

For your reference.


Do lemme know your thoughts about this product review or share yours experience with me in the comment box below.


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