July 9, 2017

[Review] EGLIPS - Lively Lip Rouge 103M Tropical Tonic (트로피컬 토닉)

Hello everyone! :)

Welcome back to another lip product review! Remember last month I shared on Bbia's Last Rouge Velvet matte lipstick? Here's another one, from EGLIPS, Bbia's sister-company.

Review; EGLIPS' Lively Lip Rouge 103M Tropical Tonic
EGLIPS' Lively Lip Rouge 103M Tropical Tonic | 이글립스 라이블리 립 루즈 103M 트로피컬 토닉 | 3.5g

Besides red, I'm also obsessed with orange-toned lip products. Orange lips give people an impression of healthy look. I have rather pale lips, so I like to apply orange-toned lip products to look healthier and brighter.

When I was browsing Bbia products on Gmarket, just so happened that I saw EGLIPS has this beautiful orange which I long for, and I hit the button. Bought it for KRW5,800 (approx. RM22).

Review; EGLIPS' Lively Lip Rouge 103M Tropical Tonic

Honestly, it doesn't give me the "wow" effect once I opened the packaging. It looks rather simple and retro to me. :/

Let's swatch and have a look on the color compared side-by-side to Bbia's Last Rouge Velvet 10 Romantically Brown. The orange undertone comes out beautifully as I expected. Bold and velvet.

Review; EGLIPS vs BBIA; Swatches

I'm so excited right now. Let's try on the lips! :D

In the photos, I applied on full lips. Personally, I love the color and the outcome when it is applied on the lips.

To make it less bold, you could apply only in the inner lips and do gradation, which it will looks pretty as a daily makeup look. Meanwhile, it also reminds me of summer.

Though it is smooth when applied on the lips, it does make the lips feel dry after some time.


Rating: 3/5

Recommend: So-so.

Repurchase: Less likely.

For your reference.


Do lemme know your thoughts about this product review or share yours experience with me in the comment box below.


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