July 31, 2017

[Monthly Project] #10 My Evening Cleansing Routine

Monthly Project (July 2017)

#10 My Evening Cleansing Routine

Good evening peeps! This is a round of "Get unready with me"!

A quick glance on what you can expect from today's project:

  • How to remove makeup fast and effectively;
  • Products I usually use to remove makeup.

Monthly Project; My Evening Cleansing Routine

Having said that, I wish to pull your attention to my first ever makeup-related video posted on YouTube, which I will link it down below, at the end of this post. :p

Let's get started! ;)

① Remove eye makeup

First of all, I always start by removing eye makeup using Banila Co.'s it fresh lip & eye remover. This is by far my favourite eye remover! Super effective and gentle on the eye areas. It removes all gel-type eyeliner, waterproof mascara, eyeshadow and etc. just in one step.

All you need is just get some of the formula on the cotton pad and lightly press on the eyelids for about 5~10 seconds... and it is all gone (you will be surpise)! ;)

② Remove face makeup

Here I am using POINT's Green Tea Pure Cleansing Cream. As you might already know, although cleansing cream has rather strong makeup removing power, it is slightly on the oily side. Hence, I don't use it on a daily basis. Nevertheless, it is my go-to makeup removing product whenever I am with full or heavy makeup, never fail.

Take adequate amount of cleansing cream and apply it all over on face (as below).

Rub and massage in circular motion until you felt like the cleansing cream has melted all your makeup. That would take about good 1~2 minutes.

Wipe off the cleansing cream with face tissue. You should see all the makeup coming off on the tissue paper. It is soooo satisfying to see the makeup coming off nicely. :)

③ Cleanse using cleansing tissue or cleansing water (optional)

As my subtitle reads, this step is totally optional. Say if you're in a situation where you don't have water to rinse your face or even if you're feeling a bit lazy today, here's the substitutes to get rid of the oiliness sensation from cleansing cream.

The quickest way I would suggest is to cleanse using cleansing tissue/wipe or cleansing water.

I am using Bioré's Makeup Cleansing Tissue (travel size). I love to carry this cleansing tissue whenever I go for travel. Be it on itself, it has above average makeup removing power, yet gentle, leaving the skin smooth, clean and fresh.

Meanwhile, the purpose why I am including this step here is to show that there are basically nothing left (no makeup residue) on my face after the previous step.

④ Cleanse using face wash

Well, of course, the proper way to end this evening cleansing routine would be to cleanse your face using proper face wash product.

I believe we do enjoy washing with lots of bubbles. However, it is important to choose a face wash product that doesn't dry out your face or leave your face squeaky clean (you know what I mean).

Here I am using Snow Fairy's Black Pearl Cleansing Mask. Without much effort, the formula will quickly turns into fine bubbles once it is exposed to the air and touches the skin. Rub and massage until the bubbles subsided. You should feel the stickiness at this point. Then proceed to rinse it off with water.

...And that's it! :D

Tired of words? Do check out my video below on the same topic! ;)

Any thoughts? Be sure to leave a comment below and let me know.

Good night, peeps! ^_^

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