September 17, 2017

[Review] Tony Moly - My Sunny All-In-One Sun SPF45 PA+++

Hello everyone! :)

Today I will be sharing with you my daily sunscreen product from Tony Moly. The fact is, I have been using Tony Moly's sunscreen product as far as I can remember!

Shall we begin now?

Review; Tony Moly's My Sunny All-In-One Sun SPF45 PA+++
Tony Moly's My Sunny All-In-One Sun SPF45 PA+++ | 토니모리 마이 써니 올인원 선 | 3.52 fl. oz. / 100 ml

Previously, I was using Tony Moly's My Sunny Kids & Mom Sun SPF50+ PA+++. Since I got an impression that sunscreen products are rather oily, sticky and sometimes stinky, it was a life-changer for me ever since I have tried this sunscreen.

With the advancement of internet shopping, I also learned that it is much cheaper to purchase online (i.e. Gmarket) than purchasing from physical stores. Hence, it marked my journey of internet shopping. Yes, it was the time when I purchased Tony Moly's sunscreen.

When I finished the tube, I thought I should tried their All-In-One sunscreen. It's just that I thought it would be more suitable for me as I'm not so much concern of kid-friendly-ness at the moment.

Honestly I don't remember the price when I purchased it as it was about 1 year ago. Hence, I checked on Gmarket, and the price as of today is KRW12,000 (approx. RM45), with free gift. And apparently, they have renew their packaging too!

Bear in mind that the product I'm showing you now is the old packaging, but same product description.

"5 in 1 = UV protection + Skin tone protection + Moisturization + Nutrition + Mild texture on skin"

Review; Tony Moly's My Sunny All-In-One Sun SPF45 PA+++

The formula is in light beige (as below). This is different from My Sunny Kids & Mom Sun which is white in color. As far as I noticed, it didn't change the skin tone as it doesn't carry any coverage.

Review; Tony Moly's My Sunny All-In-One Sun SPF45 PA+++

Gently apply in circular motion until fully absorbed. It neither leaves white cast behind, nor feeling heavy on the skin.

Well, it is not completely non-oily (that's impossible), it's just the texture is rather thin and light after you applied it onto the skin. It feels like your skin can still breathe underneath the layer.

Review; Tony Moly's My Sunny All-In-One Sun SPF45 PA+++
Review; Tony Moly's My Sunny All-In-One Sun SPF45 PA+++

To sum up, when I think of Tony Moly, I think of its sunscreen products. I really like its texture, but I yet to discover other products that are similar at the moment. Definitely recommended! ;)

Meanwhile, do check out my Monthly Project episode on "All About Sunscreens" here, featuring other sunscreen products and fun facts.


Rating: 4.5/5

Recommend: Yes, definitely!

Repurchase: Most probably.

For your reference.


Do lemme know your thoughts about this product review or share yours experience with me in the comment box below.


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