September 30, 2017

[Monthly Project] #12 July-Sep 2017 Empties

Monthly Project (September 2017)

#12 July to September 2017 Empties

Hello peeps! Welcome back to another episode where I share my product empties. Since I have been collecting for the past 3 months, the product items have definitely increased as compared to previous sharings.

Monthly Project; July to September 2017 Empties

Let's get down to the product empties for the quarter, shall we? ;)


① Bausch+Lomb's renu fresh multi-purpose solution (120 ml)

Strength(s) : Portable packaging, not irritant to the eyes, keeps the contact lens hydrated
Weakness(es) : -
Final rating : 5 / 5
Repurchase? Yes, in fact I have already restock! ☺☺☺

② Optrex's Rehydrating Eye Drops (For Dry Eyes)

Strength(s) : Keeps the eyes and contact lens moist
Weakness(es) : -
Final rating : 3 / 5
Repurchase? To me, it is a moderate product. Not going to repurchase.

③ Seatree's Seatree Art Moisture Mist (65ml / 2.19 fl. oz.)

Strength(s) : Cute and lovely portable packaging
Weakness(es) : -
Final rating : 2 / 5
Repurchase? No, honestly I bought it because I love the packaging so much (hehe) Gonna keep it!

④ Calmia's Oatmeal Therapy Cleansing Tissue (20 sheets)

Strength(s) : Remove face makeup nicely, mild & gentle on skin
Weakness(es) : For me, I didn't quite like the soap-like scent
Final rating : 2.5 / 5
Repurchase? Nope, I don't think so.

⑤ Biore's Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets (10 sheets)

Strength(s) : Remove eye and face makeup effortlessly; leaves the skin fresh; non-sticky & non-oily
Weakness(es) : -
Final rating : 5 / 5
Repurchase? Yes, this is my favourite travel item! ☺☺☺

⑥ Vita 3000's Vitamin AC vita-capsule cream (30 ml)

Strength(s) : Sweet candy scent, good moisturizing effect
Weakness(es) : -
Final rating : 1 / 5
Repurchase? No, nothing too special

⑦ Etude House's Nymph Aura Volumer (25 g / 0.88 oz.)

Strength(s) : Pinkish glowy makeup effect
Weakness(es) : Could look oily on skin, the oily and water formula couldn't mix well together
Final rating : 2 / 5
Repurchase? No, I bet this product already discontinued by now (hehe)

⑧ Missha's The Style 4D Mascara (7 g)

(click here for full product review)

Strength(s) : Thin brush, small gap between bristles, can brush through all the lashes, and even easy to use for under eye-lashes as well
Weakness(es) : Lacking in giving full lashes effect
Final rating : 5 / 5
Repurchase? Yes! To me, it's like the perfect mascara made for my lashes! Absolutely love the finishing ☺☺☺

⑨ Etude House's Oh~ My Eye Line (01.Black & 03.Brown)

Strength(s) : Smudge-proof on the eyelids (cause some other products just don't work on me)
Weakness(es) : Not quite user-friendly, have to be careful of the amount
Final rating : 3.5 / 5
Repurchase? It was my favourite liquid eye liner product, until I found substitute. So not really going to repurchase for now.

⑩ Olive Young's Makeup Puff & Sponge (Watery Puff / Blue)

Strength(s) : Soft, works nicely with face makeup, absolutely affordable!
Weakness(es) : -
Final rating : 5 / 5
Repurchase? Yes yes!! (anyone can bring some for me from South Korea? hehehe)

⑪ Yadah's Oh My Sunscreen SPF35 / PA++ (Sample)

Comment : Quite like the texture and the scent (reminds me of fresh lemons? kinda haha)
Purchase full size? Definitely will consider.

⑫ White Formula 自白肌's Super Moist Toner with Hyaluronic Acid + Super Moist Lotion with Hyaluronic Acid (Sample)

Comment : Really enjoy using these samples. Just the nice texture and provide good moisturization throughout the day.
Purchase full size? Will think about it.


It's been quite a fruitful quarter, actually. In fact, thinking of providing some feeds for Empties Project has been a good motivation for me to clear off some products which are just sitting there.

I really hope that more to come and more to share! ☺☺☺

Any thoughts? Be sure to leave a comment below and let me know ^_^

'Til the next time. Cheers!

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