September 3, 2017

[Review] POINT - Green Tea Pure Cleansing Cream

Hello everyone! :)

Today I will be reviewing a makeup cleansing cream from POINT. It is not quite a mainstream Korean brand (yet) which you might heard before, but I guarantee you this is really fulfilling. ;)

Review; POINT's Green Tea Pure Cleansing Cream
POINT's Green Tea Pure Cleansing Cream | 포인트 어린잎 녹차 클렌징 크림 | 300ml

Review; POINT's Green Tea Pure Cleansing Cream

I didn't just run into this product. In fact, I was first introduced to POINT's Green Tea Cleansing Cream when I watched Korean Youtuber Heizle's Evening Skin Care Routine. That was like 6 months ago? Yeap, or even earlier.

It is such a satisfying video to watch how she removes her face makeup completely with just one step - the cleansing cream! All the makeup just melts away!

Check out her video here.

I kept it inside my wishlist until my friend, Yvonne, she asked if I have anything to purchase from Gmarket. Immediately I send in my order and got it for about RM79.20 for 2 (including domestic & international shipping fee). The product itself is KRW11,500 (buy 1 free 1). That's really cheap! ... Consider also the fact that 300ml is quite an amount.

Review; POINT's Green Tea Pure Cleansing Cream

The cream itself has a really relaxing fragrance smell. Not much of green tea scent, really. More similar to forest scent(?). If you can understand what I mean :') Owh it's super hard to describe scent or smell. Forgive me.

To use, you just have to apply the cleansing cream directly onto your face and rub in circular motion, for about 2~3 minutes (depending on how thick is your makeup that you're wearing), in order to melt the makeup nicely.

Shall we? :D

For the purpose of this review post, here's a photo of me putting on foundation, concealer, eyeshadows, gel eyeliner and all sorts of lip products (lip tint, sheer lipstick, cream matte lip product) on my hand. Just for illustration purpose.

Apply the cleansing cream generously. As how you wish.

Rub and massage with the cleansing cream in circular motion, similar to how you washes your face. Since I am filming with one hand, I can't show you how I did it. So yeah, here's the result :D

Basically my hand looks like a colourful palette (hahaha XD). Wow, these lip products are really pigmented!

Now wipe the cleansing cream with tissue. You can see there are still little stains and residue. When I mentioned that it dissolves 97% of makeup, I mean it.

It's okay, probably these products are made too good, yeah? So I am going to apply the cleansing cream for the second time.

And yes, not to worry, it solves the problem! ;)

Personally, I don't quite fancy double-cleansing. I only do it occasionally when I had heavy or full-face makeup. Cleansing cream definitely speeds up the makeup removing process, compared to cleansing water.

This particular product is the first ever cleansing cream I tried, and I am really satisfied with its outcome. The cream itself is quite thick. When it melts on the skin, it feels oily; If you have oily skin, you might need to reconsider before purchasing it.

For me, it is definitely worth the purchase, not only it delivers what it claims, but also it comes in jumbo size.


Rating: 4.5/5

Recommend: Yes.

Repurchase: Not so soon.

For your reference.


Do lemme know your thoughts about this product review or share yours experience with me in the comment box below.


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