October 11, 2017

[Restaurant] Lunch @ Goan, Imago Shopping Mall Kota Kinabalu + Tour around Jesselton Artisan Weekend Market

Hello there! It's October-feast! Join me this month as I will be uploading food-featured posts every Wednesday. :D

Last Sunday, together with my Korean friend, Eojin whom also teaches me Korean during her stay, we decided to check out the Jesselton Artisan Market, which recently becomes a local hype place to-go.

Before that, we went to have lunch at this newly opened Korean restaurant in Imago Shopping Mall, right above Souled Out.

- Address : Malaysia, Sabah, Kota Kinabalu, 1-78,1st Floor imago shopping Mall,KK Times Square Phase2.
- Operating Hours : 9:30AM - 10PM

Ever since we learned on the chapter on Korean foods, I have been craving for Bibimbap (비빔밥) crazily. Let the craving torture no more.

Bibimbap | 비빔밥 | RM16

It was not only plated beautifully, but also tasted deliciously! Fully satisfied. Nothing much to say, thumbs up all the way. Love it. Definitely would come back and reorder this dish.

As for Eojin, she ordered Ginseng Chicken Soup (삼계탕). Initially, she wanted to order Korean steamboat, but they were out-of-stock. When it was served, we definitely didn't regret ordering this. It served with a bowl of rice.

Ginseng Chicken Soup | 삼계탕 | RM24

The flavour is just nice, not too strong that we couldn't take it. I would say, it is lacking a bit of Ginseng flavour, but anyway we enjoyed it. What a healthy meal we had today.

Feeling ambitious today, we even ordered Pajeon, Korean pancake.

Korean pancake | 파전 | RM24

It was cooked nicely. Let's admit it, I could barely put any more food into my stomach at that time.

Great. Since we have filled our stomach, we are ready to go for a walk.

It is just a walking distance from Imago Shopping Mall to Jesselton Artisan Market. About 5~10 minutes walk. Just walk across the street (starting from Upperstar), then walk straight on the direction to Gleneagles Hospital. Before reaching the hospital, you should be passing through a wide open space corridor, where they are having temporary stalls selling arts and crafts.

At this moment, the Jesselton Artisan Market is open occasionally during weekends. Do check out the dates on their Facebook page / website before going to avoid disappointment.

They have all sorts of stalls here. Selling foods, arts, handmade crafts and even beauty services!

Oh look, food trucks!

This particular food truck is selling Gelato on top of fish-shaped waffle. Thinking that the design is so cute, we went and got it.

The gelatos have mash-mellows as the ears and a pointed, spiraling gold biscuit as the horn. And a sour candy strip on the side. It is definitely photo-worth. The truth is, the yogurt gelato melted too fast before we could even bite on it. One of the "ears" fell off as the gelato melts. It became quite messy to eat. :s

Oh yes, we came here for another reason as well. My high school friend, Belinda is having a stall, displaying her calligraphy art works. We decided to drop-by and support her. Get inspired and check out their official instagram here! :3

Little Faith Project

It's such a lovely Sunday. I would love to share with you more in the future! God bless you ^^

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