October 1, 2017

[Review] Labiotte - Wine Lip Tint RD03 Merlot Burgundy

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Autumn is here and I know the perfect colour to celebrate it. (Fall~ Fall~ Fall~) Although Malaysia doesn't have four seasons, let's just imagine and hype-up for this jolly season! (Christmas is coming soon!)

Review; Labiotte's Wine Lip Tint RD03 Merlot Burgundy
Labiotte's Wine Lip Tint RD03 Merlot Burgundy | 샤또 라비오뜨 와인 립 틴트 RD03 메를로 버건디

Today I am sharing with you one of my all-time lip tint favourites from Labiotte. Indeed, it is not a new item in the market, yet I am very much stuck with this lip tint ever since I bought it.

I bought it for KRW10,000 at Labiotte shop in Hongdae, South Korea. Approximately RM38+. That was a year ago.

Review; Labiotte's Wine Lip Tint RD03 Merlot Burgundy

As you can observe, the packaging itself is made look alike to a wine bottle (so cute, right?). And that's not the only reason why it is named as "Wine Lip Tint".

Surprisingly, it tastes a little like wine too! ... well, much sweeter than wine. XD That's because it contains Sepivinol (wine extracts).  For me, it tastes much like a sweet plum juice. Yumm!

The lip applicator is attached to the cap (as below).

Review; Labiotte's Wine Lip Tint RD03 Merlot Burgundy

Let's observe the swatch. This is the result from one swatch.

Compared to other brands, not only it is moisturizing on the lips, it also has stronger tinting effect for long lasting effect. The liquid wine tip also provides light texture on the lips, without feeling like you had applying something on it.

Here's the full lip swatch (as below).

Portable size which makes it easy to carry around and use it in times of need (which I always do that). A little touch to give that healthy-plumpy lip effect. Always come in handy. Plus, its sweet scent really could boosts up my mood! Just love it!

This product is available on Hermo.


Rating: 5/5

Recommend: Highly recommend! Must have item!

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