April 26, 2018

April 26 I did my first in a lifetime gel manicure and this is what happened

Let us rewind the time to early February this year.

Finally I decided to do my first-in-a-lifetime gel manicure to celebrate upcoming Chinese New Year!

I didn't go to manicure shop or salon, but instead I have a colleague whom she acquired the skill and she offers the service.

Since, this is my first gel manicure, I want a design that is not only unique, but also fit the seasonal theme. (It's Spring!)

It didn't took much time until I settled with these blossom nail art in French manicure-style (my favourites!!!).

Diana, my colleague, added some gold glitter as the final touch. (*~*)


The sample I shown to her was the photo below, and she worked miracles!

Gel manicure is popular nowadays because it is long-lasting than usual nail polish.

For my case, my gel manicure lasted for more than 2 months..! Even now I still have it (>.<''')

You can get it removed by professionals because it needs special chemical. You can't get it removed by using the usual nail polish remover (that's impossible).

The greatest kickback (for me) is that gel manicure will weaken your nails, especially when you get it removed. Just bear in mind. ;)

It was a fun and eye-opening experience to me. :D

Best part? This customized gel manicure is available at affordable price!!! Mine was RM75.

Do check out Diana's Instagram for more nail art designs! (@dianale3)

That's all for now. Cheers! ^^

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