April 7, 2018

[Review] ALIVE:LAB - Centella Dressing Powder

Hello everyone! :)

If you constantly suffer from acne and trouble-skin, this is for you. ^_^

Review; ALIVE:LAB's Centella Dressing Powder
ALIVE:LAB's Centella Dressing Powder | 8ml

This versatile product has been featured in many Youtubers' skin care routine, and I was thrilled when it was made available on Althea. I was quick enough and made my purchase when it has 10% new item discount (heh).

Most of us, including myself, often we do not fully understand what is the theory behind a name of a product.

For instance, what does Centella mean? Is it a fancy name or what? :o

No worries! Let's find out together ;)

What is Centella / Centella Asiatica?

source : Wikipedia

Centella asiatica, commonly known as centella, Brahmi, Asiatic pennywort or Gotu kola, is a herbaceous, frost-tender perennial plant in the flowering plant family Apiaceae. It is mostly found in Asia wetlands.

The plant, specifically its leaves and salves, has long been used in the topical skin treatment (as medicinal herb, for instance).

But how? By stimulating blood flow to the cells and protecting against infections, Centella asiatica extract can rapidly speed the healing process.

Besides, the plant is also widely used as culinary vegetable to boost cognition, protect gastrointestinal system, boost blood circulation, relieve anxiety, detoxify body and regulate blood pressure (wow!).

Product Breakdown

Review; ALIVE:LAB's Centella Dressing Powder
Review; ALIVE:LAB's Centella Dressing Powder

I must confess that I really didn't expect it comes in such a cute (small) packaging. From the photo displayed online, I am expecting it to be somewhat bigger (lol).

By the outlook, it has calming blue plastic packaging with black turning cap (as above). A minimalistic design.

source : Althea

If you are opening for the first time, you will find a protective seal / sticker attached, blocking the holes (as below). You could keep the protective seal on for hygienic purpose.

Review; ALIVE:LAB's Centella Dressing Powder

To use, simply pour the powder on your palm in "tok tok" motion. Here it means "tapping" in Korean.

Here is how the powder looks like.

Review; ALIVE:LAB's Centella Dressing Powder

Let's zoom in and have a closer look.

Its micro powder is smooth and fine. Bonus, it does not have any scent. 

Review; ALIVE:LAB's Centella Dressing Powder

Ways of Application

Review; ALIVE:LAB's Centella Dressing Powder & Multi Ice Cream

Here I am going to demonstrate to you one of the many "DIY Acne Treatment" by using ALIVE:LAB's Multi Ice Cream and Centella Dressing Powder.

(check out my product review on ALIVE:LAB's Multi Ice cream here!!!)

It's very simple and easy to follow ;)

First, scoop up the amount of moisturizer you need and put it onto your palm.

Then grab the Centella Dressing Powder and "tok tok" or "shake shake" until you get the amount of powder you want. (as below)

Review; ALIVE:LAB's Centella Dressing Powder & Multi Ice Cream

Forget about ratio or whatsoever. There is no fixed rule here. It's really up to you. :D

Proceed to mix the two ingredients either using a spatula or your finger. (who cares haha!)

Until you find the powder is perfectly blended into the moisturizer (as below).

Review; ALIVE:LAB's Centella Dressing Powder & Multi Ice Cream

Here you have, your very own homemade acne moisturizer! (YAY)

I would recommend to apply it in the night time, since I found the combination tends to cake up my foundation in the day time. (just a side note I think you should be aware of)

What's best about this product?

It is NOT necessarily to go with moisturizer; it can go with almost every skincare product you can think of! Cleanser, sheet mask, essence, toner... You name it.

Also, you can use it as a spot treatment by stamping trouble areas (i.e. small pimples) using a moist Q-tip.

For my case, the acne spots will either shrink, subside or appear less redness after a few application. It works most of the times, but there are times when my pimples decided to pop-up and burst freely regardless what you put on top (^^''').

**Disclaimer: Bear in mind it isn't a magical product that tackles trouble areas overnight. The healing effect could differ from one another.**

This product is available on Althea for RM30.


Rating: 4/5

Recommend: Recommend for healing and drying wounds.

Repurchase: Most probably because I can really see it works (most of the times).

For your reference.


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