December 27, 2018

[Restaurant] Contemporary Cuisine @ The Three By LFJ

Hello everyone!
Welcome back to another food exploring episode.
Get ready to feel hungry after reading this. :9

I have my trusty foodie buddy, Justine with me tonight. :D
In fact, she is the one who suggested that we go to this restaurant.

- Address: Lot 48, 32-0, Ground floor, Block-F, Lintas Square, Jalan Lintas, 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

- Operating Hours : 11AM - 11PM

- Website : Facebook -

The restaurant is located right at the corner where you will never missed once turning into that junction, going into Lintas Square.
Very strategic location, I would say.

We arrived at the restaurant around 6.45PM,
and lucky us because it was plenty of tables to choose from at that hour.
All the tables (about 10 indoor and 3 outdoor) were occupied after an hour.
No kidding.

One of the three bosses happened to be our high school senior,
whom Justine knows him as they were in the same co-curricular club back then.

He kindly introduced us their signature dishes,
and we happily agreed on his suggestions.

I do noticed their menu is different from other Western restaurants would offer.
It's like a classic Western dish with an Asian twist. And it can be the other way round.

Here are the snippets of our dinner :99

- Roasted Beetroot served with Parmesan Cheese and Pomegranate RM12.90 -

Roasted Beetroot @ The Three By LFJ

Roasted Beetroot @ The Three By LFJ

- 16 Hours Slow-Cooked Pork Belly RM23.90 -

16 Hours Slow-Cooked Pork Belly @ The Three By LFJ

- Braised Oxtail Ragu Pappardelle RM24.90 -

Braised Oxtail Ragu Pappardelle @ The Three By LFJ

Braised Oxtail Ragu Pappardelle @ The Three By LFJ

- Callebaut Chocolate RM9 -

Callebaut Chocolate @ The Three By LFJ

Food presentation wise, absolutely creative.

Taste wise, there are a pinch of sour taste in all three dishes we ordered tonight.
I'm not mad at it. It does give a refreshing taste which I never expected it would be.

Particular, I'm surprised by their outstanding creativity on the pork belly dish.
Traditionally it is served savory.
However, they give it a twist by serving it on top of plum puree.

If you are looking for new taste around the town,
I would definitely recommend you to try out their food.

In terms of pricing, it is above average Western cuisine in town.
Taking into consideration of the food quality and experience,
I think it is still acceptable.

One thing is, I would like to have a larger serving to fill my appetite. XD

Overall, I am very much pleasant with my food tonight,
and I would definitely coming back again, particularly for their Callebaut Chocolate.
Absolutely my cup of chocolate.


  1. so that's the cup of chocolate you're singing about~ nice!

    Myra | The Grey Lines Between

    1. Yassss! I was literally imagining sipping this callebaut chocolate while chatting with you earlier! Yummm :9


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