December 14, 2018

[Monthly Project] #26 Best of 2018 : Top 10 Products from Althea Korea (Hyeon's Pick)

Monthly Project (December 2018)

#26 Best of 2018 : Top 10 Products from Althea Korea (Hyeon's Pick)

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!

We are here at the end of 2018. There are just SO MANY sales happening at this holiday season, and I just wish it's December all year round. :p

It have been a wonderful and blessed year in Althealand. If you didn't know, Althea Korea is an online K-beauty shopping platform. Their website is super user-friendly. They constantly introducing trendy products from South Korea and offering them at great prices! (note : I got most of my K-beauty products here, from skincare to makeup.)

Too many products, too overwhelming, don't know where to start? Join me on counting down the Top 10 Products from Althea Korea (tried and tested). :D

Monthly Project; Best of 2018; Top 10 Products from Althea Korea (Hyeon's Pick)


(not in particular order)

① Laneige's Water Sleeping Mask 70ml

Guess it doesn't quite require further product description. This sleeping masks is such a hot item this couple years, so much so that every place is selling it. Why buy from Althea Korea? The answer is simple. It's the cheapest across the local online shopping platform, now selling at RM77. And you can be 100% assured that the product is genuine, originally from South Korea.

Why buy it elsewhere for higher price? Be a smart spender. ;)

② Althea's Petal Velvet Sunaway SPF50+ PA++++ 55ml

Hands down to this velvety skin-hugging sunscreen! I have been using it every single day since day 1 when I unboxed it. I remember beauty creator Liah Yoo once mentioned, "the best sunscreen is the one you will want to wear it everyday".

Formulated with hyaluronic acid and included Damask rose extracts, this sunscreen leaves a velvety-finish and serves as a good makeup base. Now selling at RM43, this amazing sunscreen is of course Althea-exclusive product, so you can only get it from their website. ;)

③ Etude House's Drawing Eye Brow 0.25g

source : Althea Korea

With an angled pencil on one side and a spoolie brush on the other, this eyebrow pencil has been my trustful friend ever since I learned how to draw my eyebrows. Pigmented and beginner-friendly. Some more it is selling on Althea Korea for RM11 only!

In fact, I've lost count on how many Drawing Eye Brow pencils I have bought. The go-to colors of mine are dark brown, brown and dark grey.

④ Missha's 4D Mascara 7g

New to mascara? I would highly recommend to try Missha's 4D Mascara. Beginner-friendly, water-sweat-oil resistant. With its unique 4D brush head, it can easily lengthens, volumizes and separates lashes.

Best offer around? Check out now at Althea Korea for RM16 only.

⑤ Althea's Petal Velvet Powder 3g

Another product from Althea's Petal Velvet series. Current available in 3 shades: #0 Translucent, #23 Warm Beige and #Pink Lavender (limited edition). Particularly, their translucent powder is one of my favourite. The powder controls sebum production during the day, giving a fresh look. Now selling at RM16 each, I would say it is a perfect dupe for Innisfree's No-Sebum Mineral Powder.

⑥ Too Cool For School's Art Class by Rodin Shader 9.5g

source : Althea Korea

Made of fine pigments, this 3-in-1 contouring powder is an all-rounder that makes contouring effortless without much skill needed. No wonder the K-beauty world is taken away once this product is launched. All you need is a brush and you're all set.

It is selling for RM58 and I hardly dented the product after using it for more than 6 months.

 Nature Republic's Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel 300ml

My dad's all-time favourite skincare. The only product which he will ask me to restock, and I've already lost count on my purchase. Made from 92% Aloe Vera gel and enriched with vitamins, this soothing gel can be used for almost anything - soothing sunburns, hydrating skin and hair, everyday moisturizer for supple skin, spot mask. Pop it into the refrigerator and chill, it can effectively lower skin temperature to soothe skin allergy. 

I can't even bother to purchase from elsewhere, because Althea Korea is my trustful online shopping site and it sells for RM13 each only!

⑧ CP-1's Premium Silk Ampoule 20ml

Travelling with bad hair? Don't let it spoiled your holiday mood.

With this travel-friendly hair ampoule, you can have silky-manageable hair all-day long. Spill-free with a twist cap. It contains hydrolyzed silk and its quality is equal to salon treatment. Best of all? It is selling for only RM6 per tube!

What are you waiting for? Only available on Althea Korea!

⑨ Pobling's Pore Sonic Cleanser

Looking for a cleansing brush? Here's one to try out. Powered by 1 x AAA battery, this gentle yet powerful cleansing brush creates 10,000 sonic oscillations per minute. To note, its soft and fine bristles are super gentle on skin. All you need is to apply some cleanser on the brush head and use it to massage your face throughout.

Yes, the brush head is detachable and be replaced, so one machine can last for a long period!

This cleansing tool is selling for RM88. The refill brush head is selling for RM34.

⑩ Medi Heally's Herb Warm Pack (3EA, 9EA)

Another hidden jewel which I found on the website. This Herb Warm Pack saved the days when I suffer from crazy menstrual cramps. This self-heating pack warms up the lower belly / lower back, giving the warm, cozy feeling, which eventually relief the pain. 3EA is selling for RM13 while 9EA is selling for RM29.

Notably, my favourite was the one with the adhesive tape whereby the warm pack can be stick onto clothes and stay on place all-time. Dear Althea Korea, please bring it back T.T


Out of these 10 products, which one(s) you haven't try?

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Oh what did I miss? Tell me your recommendations in the comment box below!


  1. nice list! totally approve these babies to be brought home this New Year!

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