August 12, 2021

[Review] TAVINA 4-color concealer 白蔷薇四色修容遮瑕膏

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We are going to talk about something different today - and it's a concealer palette!

Many might not know about this brand. Well that's the fun part!

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[Review] TAVINA 4-color concealer 白蔷薇四色修容遮瑕膏

About the Brand

TAVINA is a relatively new and young Chinese brand. Currently it doesn't have a flagship store, so you would have to go to a reseller to get their products.

Tip: Go to Taobao website / APP and search the brand. Look into the store ratings and customer reviews before placing order.

Product Description

It is a mini concealer palette with 4 shades available.

  • natural color
  • light-skin color
  • orange pink color - for color corrector
  • light coffee color - for shading

[Review] TAVINA 4-color concealer 白蔷薇四色修容遮瑕膏


It comes in a matte paper packaging and quite mini in size.

  • Length: 12cm
  • Width: 5cm
  • Height: 1cm
  • Magnetic opening

[Review] TAVINA 4-color concealer 白蔷薇四色修容遮瑕膏

Texture and Application

[Review] TAVINA 4-color concealer 白蔷薇四色修容遮瑕膏

It has solid cream texture, which gives high coverage.

You can either use fingertips or concealer brush to pick up the product and apply on the skin.

Personal Experience

[Review] TAVINA 4-color concealer 白蔷薇四色修容遮瑕膏

Overall, I think this compact concealer palette is just enough for me to carry when I'm on-the-go. Also I love it comes in smaller size which it's not a burden for me to purchase it and worrying that if I'm able to hit the pan.

On the other hand, this palette might be not be able to market well for its limited shade available. 

However, I won't blame it for its relatively affordable price. So if you think this is made for you - perfect.

Where to purchase?

You can get TAVINA 4-color concealer 白蔷薇四色修容遮瑕膏 from Taobao.


Rating: 4/5

Recommend: For makeup beginner. Suitable for daily makeup.

Repurchase: Less likely.

Product is provided for review. For your reference.


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