November 29, 2011

MAMA 2011 at Singapore

Firstly, I felt so lucky and a bit happy that I didn't really went to Singapore. Because INFINITE didn't go for MAMA. ><

Recalling what I did last year, watchin' MAMA in my study room with broadband, keep blaming the line so lag...... Hmm... It's one year passed ady! :D

When 2PM walking on the red carpet, I was like screaming and shouting and... Immediately I picked up my phone and called Amy to tell her that I saw 2PM live! She was like, "Really? Where? Don't tell me in your dream ahh...><" HAHA XDD

Amy, you still remember? ^^

Just now I watched MAMA for the first few parts... Not manage to watch it all as the campus line was terribly lousy and lag. Can't compare with broadband laa... =.= I wonder how Yuri oni watch this in her room, using her hostel line. Is it UTP better than NUC?? o.O I'm just saying. =)

Yuri oni keeps on telling me so that I go and watch Hyuna and Seunghyun's special stage. Walau eh~~~ They actually kissed in front of so many billions of eyes!!! >< It's gonna be a hot issue for this week =D

Maybe (if I got time) I will go and download the whole thing and watch it again. ;) 

FYI, the ceremony still on-going. This is the link:
Enjoy ^^

2NE1 rocks! =D
Girls' Generation gorgeous! =3
BEAST charisma! ;D
YOON EUN HYE sexy! =*
MISS A pretty! =S
KIM HYUN JOONG handsome! =P

That's all for now. =)
Gonna go back to do MAT113 revision~
Differentiation and Application of Differentiation.

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