November 13, 2011

10026 ^^

First of all, I wanna THANK YOU all of you who had been reading my blog from time to time. It's my pleasure to have you, who really cares about me and what had happen to me in my life, especially my new life in NUC. ^^

Well, my blog now has reaches 10026 views! :DD
Although not a big number as to compare with others, but I am satisfied with myself.

I want to take this opportunity to stress out one point here. This is my blog, a place/platform where I share my deepest feelings which I couldn't express it out in verbal, but only in words.

I truly hope that everything I shared here WILL NOT be told to others, I mean, you don't tell others what you read here, but you can ask them to read on themselves. Can I trust on you? =)

Thank you very much! ^^ Have a good day~

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