March 27, 2017

[Cafe Hoping] Brunch @ Joe Sun - Food & Coffee Co., Damai Plaza

***This cafe is now permanently closed.***

2017년3월18일 (토요일) Brunch @ Joe Sun - Food & Coffee Co.

It's 10:30AM. I am meeting my high-school friend, Belinda, for brunch today. Initially, we planned to try out Nasi Kerabu (blue rice) at Uncle Garry which is near to my house. Yet they only open at 11AM. So here we are, ended up at Joe Sun, at Damai Plaza.

Oh ya, to my surprise, "Joe Sun" is in fact meant to be "good morning" in Cantonese, instead of a Korean word. (heh)

This is my first time visiting this restaurant (although it is very near to my house). I thought their foods are quite pricy and not much people recommended this place. That's why.

Since we are here, let's give it a try! Gosh, most of the tables are being occupied already...

Brunch @ Joe Sun - Food & Coffee Co.
Brunch @ Joe Sun - Food & Coffee Co.

- Address : 48, 40, Lorong Pokok Kayu Manis 2, 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.
- Phone : +60 17-823 5354
- Operating Hours : 7AM–10PM

Belinda ordered their Big Breakfast, which is quite a BIG portion! Waffles, porch egg, lightly grilled sausage and tomato, breakfast bean and grilled-sliced potato. I'm full just by looking at it (heh) :D

Big Breakfast, Joe Sun - Food & Coffee Co.
Big Breakfast - RM19

I ordered their chili soft-shell crab pasta. Really need a punch in the morning. The presentation was appealing and appetizing. Maybe I'm expecting a more spicy(?) taste here. Or else, it would be perfect. The soft-shell crab is cooked nicely too. I just want more...

Chili Soft-Shell Crab Pasta, Joe Sun - Food & Coffee Co.
Chili Soft-Shell Crab Pasta - RM19

So here's the bill for our brunch today...

Joe Sun - Food & Coffee Co., Damai Plaza

Despite the pricing, I think this is quite a good place to hangout with friends. I didn't get to take pictures inside of the restaurant, but it is well-furnished which gives you the urban and chic atmosphere. Very similar to Korean coffee shops tho. (that explains why I had that confusion earlier...)

Will I revisit this restaurant in near future? Food, probably nope. Drink, maybe yes.

Cheers! ^_^

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