March 6, 2017

[Review] A'PIEU - Triple Wear Foundation SPF20 / PA++

Hello there! :)

Finally we are back with makeup product review! (I knowww, it's been a long time....T_T)

Since I am just an amateur in makeup, it is a bit tricky for me to deliver makeup product review, TBH. Either should I just show the shades/colors, or should I also include my makeup look with the product(s). .......which eventually I gave up (the idea/thought, for now) cause I don't have time...(?)

Today I'm going to show you the liquid foundation I am using currently, from A'PIEU. Let's get started~! ^_^

A'PIEU's Triple Wear Foundation SPF20 / PA++ No.4 Beige | 어퓨 트리플웨어 파운데이션 4호 베이지 | 35g

The fact is, I wasn't much into A'PIEU at first. Until I watched YouTuber YoonCharmi did her makeup in her car, when she recommended Triple Wear Foundation to Ssinnim (see below). [Side fact, YoonCharmi herself did a collaboration with A'PIEU and has a full range of makeup product line under her name. She has the full right to promote the brand, but we, the consumers, can decide ourselves whether to buy or not, of course.]

Youtube link here

Rewind 3 months back. Just so happened I saw A'PIEU store was having "BEST 1+1" promotion on Gmarket. The original price for the Triple Wear Foundation is KRW10,000 (about RM40+), and since it was under the "Buy 1 Free 1" category, immediately I added it into the cart. 

There are 5 shades available (see below). Initially I was thinking of purchasing No. 3 Warm Ivory, however, the shade quickly went out of stock, so ended up I went for No. 4 Beige. [Fun fact: This is the darkest shade I ever bought. (heh)]

At this point, you might think, does No. 4 Beige actually suits my skin tone? Let's try it out and see.

From the photo, you can see I suffer discoloration/redness especially around my eye areas, both sides of nose area and chin.

Now, this is the amount you can get from 1 pump of the product (see above). As you can see, the texture is rather light and watery.

In order to give a contrast comparison, I am going to apply the liquid foundation on one side of my face (as above).

Then blend the product gently in tapping motion with a dampened makeup sponge for better fitting result (as above).

Look at the result (as above)! Though it is watery, the concealing power is absolutely amazing! As for the same reason, it is less burden to apply on full face and less likely to cake up. Yet another surprise for me is, the shade No. 4 Beige isn't what we expected it should be after all! (what...what is happening here? O.O)

Well, the truth is, the shade is slightly darker than the normal shade I use (No. 21). In fact, it is a bit yellowish if seen with naked eyes (sorry it doesn't show from my phone camera @@). I would say, the shade here No. 4 Beige is equivalent to shade No. 23.

I have been using this liquid foundation for several months now. Not only I find its opaque classy glass packaging cute, I also love the application and the finishing result. I have combination skin, and yet it lasts throughout the day, as long as you don't sweat much. Preferably recommended to normal to dry skin.

If you want better and higher coverage, this product is buildable by applying another layer on top on it. All you just need is to be careful with the amount to ensure it won't cake up later of the day.

Would I repurchase? It is definitely a good deal, but I guess I won't for the time being since I just bought two. Let's say if I am going to repurchase, I think I will go for No. 3 Warm Ivory instead, for a try :D

Rating: 4.5/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Maybe

Do lemme know your thoughts about this product review or share yours experience with me in the comment box below.


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