March 19, 2017

[Review] SKIN&LAB - Dr. Bio Infusion: Bio Activating Essence

Hello everyone! :)

Today I gonna share with you an essence product which I have been using lately. As I am writing this post, I have just finished this bottle and it's about 3 months from purchasing now. And I really hope my sharing here could help you to understand a little bit more about this product.

Let's get started!

SKIN&LAB - Dr. Bio Infusion: Bio Activating Essence
SKIN&LAB's Dr. Bio Infusion: Bio Activating Essence | 스킨앤랩 닥터 바이오 인퓨젼 바이오 액티베이팅 에젠스 | 150ml

Initially, I was very obsessed in geting IOPE Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning since I heard of it, but that was way above my budget. Then I came across SKIN&LAB Dr. Bio Infusion: Bio Activating Essence, which I thought it could be a budget alternative for it.

This product is offered on Althea for RM55. That was the price I bought it and it is still the same price now. While I was searching online, little did I know that, this product is actually offered for $30 (roughly RM120+) in Western countries, and that just blew my mind! Rest assured, Althea is selling authentic and genuine products. (let's appreciate good and cheap stuffs with grateful heart :3)

Fyi SKIN&LAB is a cosmeceutical brand made up by a team of skincare specialists who focus on hypoallergenic formulas which is said to stimulate and make use of our own skin's natural regenerative ability to the fullest.

For instance, the selling point of this product, Bio Activating Essence, would be its 93.1% Biomimetic Re-Cellulid Fluid in which they designed to imitate the structure of human fluid a.k.a. biomimetic water with a patented technology. This fluid is said to have a much higher penetration rate into the skin than water along with skin-nourishing elements. Okay, so in summary, it is more skin-friendly and faster to absorb.

Also, with this technology, this all-in-one product targets on 7 skin improvements: revitalizing, softening, hydrating, lifting, anti-aging, whitening and nourishing. So far so good. Sounds like it is dupe for SK II. (i'm just saying)

SKIN&LAB - Dr. Bio Infusion: Bio Activating EssenceSKIN&LAB - Dr. Bio Infusion: Bio Activating EssenceSKIN&LAB - Dr. Bio Infusion: Bio Activating Essence

When I got this product, it was exactly what I expected. Cylinder glass opaque design. Sleek and class. To my surprise, there is a marking on the bottle. Later then I learned that it was purposely designed to suggest the amount to apply per day. 1 marking = 1 day. It is a full-month course.

Below are three ways of using this product. The first option is my personal favourite.

Using normal-use cotton pads might be a waste if you wanna go for Option 1. This is because normal-use cotton pads would dried up quickly before the skin gets to absorbed the essence.

Bonus tips! Try 1/2 sponge pads instead. In this case, you might need to soak this 1/2 sponge pad with generous amount, yet definitely worth it as it can hold the liquid/fluid for more than 30 minutes, whereby your skin can soak under the 1/2 sponge pads and absorb the product's goodness to its fullest. Certainly, this product can help you save a lot of your expensive liquid-type essence product.

Raclia Half Sponge Pad

I bought this 1/2 sponge pad for RM7 on Althea, but unfortunately this product is currently not available on the website. :(

Raclia Half Sponge Pad
Raclia Half Sponge PadRaclia Half Sponge Pad
SKIN&LAB - Dr. Bio Infusion: Bio Activating Essence Review

What I usually do is, dampen the 1/2 sponge pad entirely with the Bio Activating Essence (see above). Usually it will take about 1 marking (or less). Tear into half according to the dotted-line. Apply them on targeted areas. Mine would be under my eyes, on both cheeks (see below).

How do I find this product? Actually I quite enjoy using it as I can really feel it softens my skin. A mild and gentle product. Moreover, they have rather a good list of ingredients.

Tips! Generally Korean companies arrange their product ingredient list from the highest component to the lowest. Both Glycerin and Niacinamide are known for moisturizing and anti-aging effect. Meanwhile, they use flower extract instead of artificial or chemical fragrance.

As of price and functionality, it is definitely recommended. Out of the 7 skin improvement promised, softening, hydrating and nourishing are observed. As for the anti-aging related effect, it is rather hard to make comment (cause it isn't obvious and it might take time).

If I must say of one drawback from repurchasing, it would because there are other similar products with higher functionality out in the market which can easily out-beat this product right here.

Rating: 3.5/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Maybe, if couldn't find an alternative.

Do lemme know your thoughts about this product review or share yours experience with me in the comment box below.


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