March 26, 2017

[Review] CLIO - All That Eye Styler Kit (#002 Walk On The City)

Hello everyone! :)

It has been 1 year 6 months since my first review on eye palette! Wow!

Today I'm gonna share with you my first CLIO product - All That Eye Styler Kit.

CLIO All That Eye Styler Kit
CLIO's All That Eye Style Kit | 클리오 올 댓 아이 스타일러 키트 | 0.7g x 8pcs

In fact, this is my second eye palette. I bought it from Hermo for RM58.80 during clearance promotion. This product is not available on the website now, just to let you know.

CLIO All That Eye Styler Kit (#002 Walk On The City)
#002 워크 온 더 시티 (Walk On The City)

There are 8 eyeshadow colours, a 2-ended brush and a rectangular mirror attached in the palette. (Left to right) Cotton Primer, Metallic Silver, Beige Shine, Queen's Pink, Holly Orange, Mocha Brown, Night Navy, Matt Black.

Photo below is the result of colour swatches.

CLIO All That Eye Styler Kit (#002 Walk On The City) Swatch

I still remember the reason why I bought this eye palette is because the two lovely peachy-orangey eyeshadows. However, to much of my disappointment, these two colours look exactly the same when I put on my eye makeup :( They don't serve as a transition colour while doing gradient eye makeup. But still, I like them being a single eyeshadow colour. They remind me of spring time!🌹🌻🌸

In addition, my favourite colours from this eye palette also include the Night Navy and both the glittery eyeshadows. These colours turned out vividly on the skin, just as the colour you see on the palette.

This leaves 3 eyeshadow colours which are my least favourable:-
(1) The Cotton Primer didn't help the eyeshadow colours to be more vivid on the eyes, nor more long lasting. Best I could think of is to mattify the eyelids (to cut off grease).

(2) For daily makeup look, I would prefer soft brown; and I think its Mocha Brown is a bit too strong for a casual look, so I barely touch it.

(3) From the product's description, it recommends Matt Black as an eyeliner, but what I think it meant is to apply a layer over liquid/gel black eyeliner to avoid smudging. This way it can lasts longer as well. However, it doesn't appeal to me at all.

Remember I mentioned about galaxy eye makeup? (check it out here) Now I gonna remake it to a simplified version, with this CLIO eye palette, and with just 2 colours. Okay, it's showtime! :p

Before I start with my eye makeup, I applied BB Cream, did my brows and lips. And this is how it looks (as below).

First, I apply the Cotton Primer on both eyelids with my fourth finger, which is more easier to apply in this way. Of course, you may use the sponge-tip brush included in this eye palette. And this is how it looks (as below). Do you see any difference with or without the Cotton Primer?? Nahh. (sorry about the lighting...@@)

Next, I try to locate where your eye socket is. Then I apply the Night Navy along the eye socket, from the outer corner of my eyes towards the middle, using my fourth finger, as well (because I'm lazyyy). Applying the eyeshadow from outer corner to the middle, this way you can get a better gradient.

Now, I rub off the residue colour on my finger, then I will apply the Metallic Silver from the inner corner of my eyes towards the middle, where both colours meet. Last but not least, use a blending brush (or, your finger, make sure it is clean) and blend out the edges softly.

To complete the eye makeup, I apply black gel eyeliner and mascara. Voila, this is the final look :D

Considering most of the eyeshadow colours aren't suitable for daily makeup look, I am giving a lower rating for this eye palette. Besides that, the colours didn't last long, not for a whole day, which I'm also taking into consideration.

However, if you do favour vivid and glittery eyeshadow, probably you would like this eye palette tho.

If you are considering buying your first eye palette, I would highly recommend KATE's Brown Shade Eyes BR-2. If you haven't, do check out my previous review here :)

Rating: 2/5

Recommend: No

Repurchase: No

What do you think of my makeup today? Do share with me your thoughts after reading this product review in the comment box below.


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