August 31, 2017

[Monthly Project] #11 August 2017 Beauty Haul (feat. Hong Kong)

Monthly Project (August 2017)

#11 August 2017 Beauty Haul (feat. Hong Kong)

Hello peeps! :)

In this Monthly Project episode, I will be briefly sharing with you what are the items I bought from my recent trip to Hong Kong.

Having said that I usually will write up on my travelling diary, this time round I would rather just skip to the epilogue (because I am such a lazy person hehe).

Hong Kong is indeed a fun place to shop...provided you have extra money to spend (heh). Yeap! Funny thing is, I found that certain Korean brand products are cheaper here compared to their originate country! (O.O)

Well let's get started!

Monthly Project; August 2017 Beauty Haul (feat. Hong Kong)


First thing first, I am over-the-hill as I purchased my first ever perfume miniature from the Duty Free Store (DFS) at Hong Kong International Airport. I was always thinking of purchasing Salvatore Ferragamo's perfume miniature set as I was flipping through the duty free catalog as I adore its design. Aren't they just lovely?

Some smell sweet and some smell feminine. Personally I think it is a perfume set which suits all women and girls.

I bought it for HKD293 (original price is HKD344).

Secondly, well this is kinda random to share, but anyway. This is a Gillette's shaving tool I purchased from Watson just the day before the big day (my girlfriend's wedding day). It is super convenient. No need shaving cream, leave-on cream or whatever-so-ever.

There are these two little soap-like thingy attached to the blade that will do the trick. All you need is to attach the blade to the handle, and start shaving! It leaves silky and smooth-finish. Absolutely painless and effortless. Definitely worth the try! :D

I bought it for HKD65.90.

Despite not wanting to purchase any mask sheet in this trip, I was recommended by a travel mate to try out this Japanese brand mask sheet. Unlike those watery type essence, it has rather thick and rich essence inside the packet, that provides deep moisturization and restoration.

She kindly gave me one to try one before the wedding day. I tried it on that night and I was so impressed by how it restored skin moisture. So I further purchased a box to bring back home.

I bought this MINON's Amino Moist mask sheet (4pcs in a box) for HKD83 from local Sasa store (original price is HKD98).

*p/s: I will write a full review on this mask sheet later on and link it here when it's available.

Meanwhile, I also purchased two more boxes of mask sheet from local beauty stores. Surprisingly, they are cheaper than I remember it was back in South Korea!

I bought Papa Recipe's Bombee Honey mask sheet from local Sasa store for HKD76 (original price is HKD200). Also, Mediheal's N.M.F. Aquaring Ampoule Mask Ex is sold for HKD65 at local Watson store.

When I was shopping in Sasa, I found this Red Ginseng eye cream from Guerisson which are in bright eye-catching red packaging. Actually, these are for my parents, but I will write a full review and link it here when it's available.

I bought it for HKD99 each (original price is HKD265).

Currently I am using Rohto's Cool eye drop (blue packaging), which I really enjoy using it. And they have this new product advertising in subway/metro which I thought it is cute. It is called the Lycee Eye Drop which is meant for red eyes.

I bought it for HKD53.90.

Just because this product is always out-of-stock back in my town, so I purchased it once I saw it in Sasa store. It is the Pure Mineral Concealer from Maybelline. I got Shade 1 (Light). I haven't try it yet. Will sure update with you when the full review is available. :)

I bought it for HKD69.

Before checking out in Sasa store, they have these products/merchandize displaying along the queuing line. I found Laneige's Water Sleeping Mask (sample size). I really wanted to try it out for a long time. Guess this sample size is a good start/trial for me before deciding on purchasing a full size product.

I bought it for HKD22 (original price is HKD44).

I must apology for taking ages to upload this post. I hope it can give you a brief idea of what you can get when you are travelling to Hong Kong.

If you are a beauty product goer, I would definitely recommend you to check out their one-stop local beauty franchise store - Sasa. Not only you can be assured that products sold here are genuine, but also their price are slightly cheaper than other shops.

Also, you can check out other beauty/drug stores; for instance Watson, Bonjour and Mannings. They do offer a wide range of products. You can always compare the price before purchasing. ;)

Basically, that's all for this round. I will be sure to update you from time to time on the products I bought, and tell you my honest opinion on them.


Any thoughts? Be sure to leave a comment below and let me know.

Good night, peeps! ^_^

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