January 3, 2018

[Review] BEYOND - Aloe from JEJU + First Impression

Hello and happy new year to you all! :)

To kick start the year, I am going to share with you a mask sheet which I came across on my recent trip to Hong Kong.

Review; Beyond's Aloe from Jeju Mask Sheet
Beyond's Aloe from Jeju Mask Sheet

Honestly, I didn't know much about this brand until came across with this mask sheet. In fact, the reason why I purchased is because I thought the packaging is cute. The reason why the idiom says "Do not judge a book by its cover" is because that's the human nature to do so. Naturally (heh).

To write a more consolidated product review, there's why I did a brief research on the brand story.

Interesting fact about the brand. It is a K-beauty brand under the company LG Household & Health Care, which is a well-known household brand. The brand highly respect "Eco Values" throughout the entire process of everything, from ingredients, production, distribution and disposal. To note, they made it official where their products are paraben-free and they are strongly against on animal testing (source). Not many K-beauty brands made such a clear statement on this matter.

Review; Beyond's Aloe from Jeju Mask Sheet

The product description reads, "Aloe from Jeju restores moisture in tired skin and helps keep skin vital and moisturized." Obviously it is not in perfect English, but we do understand what it meant.

As expected, aloe gives moisture and calms skin temperature. That's exactly what I need after a long tired week.

Once opened the packet, it is hardly unnoticeable of the artificial fragrance. The mask sheet itself is rather thin which made it easier to cling onto my face. There was much leftover essence inside the packet, so I applied them on my arms and legs (not going to waste them, not even a bit).

Leave it for about 15-20 minutes.

Once removed the mask, I can observed that there are still leftover essence not being fully absorbed. I did some rubbing and patting to fasten the process. As expected, my skin felt moist-fully plump (and a bit sticky, I did a quick wash with water), even on the next day!

Do I enjoy using this mask sheet? It was a decent sheet mask. Although I didn't the immediate end result was a bit too overwhelming, it turned out to be very rich in providing moisture. One thing for sure, I sure enjoy using thin mash sheets as (it feels like) it allows the skin underneath to breath (lol).


Rating: 3/5

Recommend: Particularly recommend for dry skin.

Repurchase: Not really, but could try out other features.

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