January 14, 2018

[Review] Peripera - Pearly Night Ink Highlighter #2 Pink Champagne Beam

Hello everyone! :)

Peripera has released a new makeup line "Pearly Night Edition" recently. And I'm over the moon to share with you a relatively new item on their shelf - Pearly Night Ink Highlighter in the color #2 Pink Champagne.

Continue reading to know more about this product. ;)

Review; Peripera's Pearly Night Ink Highlighter #2 Pink Champagne Beam
Peripera's Pearly Night Ink Highlighter #2 Pink Champagne Beam | 페리페라 펄리나잇 잉크 하이라이터 #2 핑크 샴페인빔 | 8g / 0.28 oz.

You may know about this already. Peripera is one of the sister-companies of CLIO, under Clio Cosmetic Co. Ltd. Many Korean Youtubers agree that CLIO is one of the roadshop brands that over high quality cosmetic products. On the other hand, Peripera is targeted more towards teenagers; therefore, they usually offer bubbly and dreamy colors.

Review; Peripera's Pearly Night Ink Highlighter #2 Pink Champagne Beam

Herein Peripera's Pearly Night Ink Highligher is available in two (2) colors:

  1. Lavender Space Beam
  2. Pink Champagne Beam

Since I have warm skin undertones, I chose #2 Pink Champagne Beam without much hesitation. Plus, I am already a champagne-color fan from the beginning!

I am even more convinced to purchase after watching Youtuber Edward Avila's review on the entire Pearly Night collection. He is really straightforward (that's why we love him) when giving first impressions and comments while trying out the products. Do check out the video below if you're interested on the collection. :)

Continue reading (scrolling down) if you would like to know more about this particular Ink Highligher. You shouldn't miss this. :D

Untwist the cap and you can see the applicator is attached with the cap itself, similar to Peripera's lip tint products. The applicator is slightly slanted for easier application.

Review; Peripera's Pearly Night Ink Highlighter #2 Pink Champagne Beam

Now I am going to do swatching on the back of my hand (below). Its texture is thick and creamy, pigmented with glow and beam. Meanwhile, it has the high-end perfume kind-of scent. Subtle but pleasant.

Review; Peripera's Pearly Night Ink Highlighter #2 Pink Champagne Beam

In fact, you can't really see the beam effect from these photos above since the camera is unable to capture it (geez).

So then I will try it on my face instead and you will surprise! *^^*

First, I apply the Ink Highlighter on the spots which I wanted to attract light, to make it stands out. As suggested by watching makeup tutorials online, it's common to highlight the eyebrow bone, cheekbones, nose ridge and above cupid's bow (as below).

Then proceed to blend it with a makeup sponge in tapping motion. Here I am applying it after finishing face makeup. Its creamy texture makes it easy to blend with the rest of the makeup.

Wait 'til you see the result! Can you observe the beautiful beam, especially on the cheekbones? *0* I am drunk with the outcome!

Do I need to say/write more? (heh)

I really enjoy the natural dewy-finish, subtle yet enough for daily makeup. To be honest, it isn't designated for stage makeup, so don't expect ultra beam from it.

If you have tried another shade #1 Lavender Space Beam, do comment below and let me know. ;) I can't wait to hear how you think about it!

This product is now available on Hermo.


Rating: 4/5

Recommend: Definitely recommended for makeup beginners like me!

Repurchase: Not really as I would like to try out other highlighter products.

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