January 27, 2018

[Review] Elastine - Bio-Therapy Conditioner

Hello everyone! :)

This time round I am going to share with you a hair product that will make people to look at you twice. c;

I've bought Elastine's product for the second time now, and it didn't fail to impress in every purchase.

Review; Elastine's Bio-Therapy Conditioner
Elastine's Bio-Therapy Conditioner | 600 ml

Elastine is in fact a household hair care brand name in South Korea under LG Household & Healthcare Ltd.

"Elastine treats your hair like skin"

One of the reasons why people choose Elastine over other brands is because of its unique scent. To mention, its Perfume Love Me Shampoo/ Conditioner are always the top seller and the most beloved products of all.

And yes, you can expect its signature unforgettable scent in this Bio-Therapy series too!

Review; Elastine's Bio-Therapy ConditionerReview; Elastine's Bio-Therapy Conditioner

Front                                                           Back

This conditioner contains of royal jelly, propolis, marin collagen, Quinoa extract, Moringa oil and phyto-keratin as the main ingredients.

Well, basically the whole product description on the packaging itself are in Korean. (heh)

Review; Elastine's Bio-Therapy Conditioner

Review; Elastine's Bio-Therapy Conditioner

According to customer evaluations, the Bio-Therapy series has gained 100% satisfaction whereby customer do find improvement on hair tangling, easier hair arrangement, softer and smoother hair.

As one of their customers, I do agree with the above results.

Nevertheless, I am going to demonstrate to you here with my newly-bought Sia-inspired wig. (^0^)

As you can see (below), the hair is dry and tangled, makes it difficult to arrange.

Give it a full pump of Bio-Therapy Conditioner.

And apply it from roots to ends.

At this stage, I do noticed that the wig is much easier to arrange with a comb.

Then rinse with water.

I left it overnight for it to dry. And ta-da!!!

The wig is more manageable now as you can see from the photo! Too bad I couldn't show you the whole process with my own hair (as I don't know how to :x).

As I started to keep my long hair, it began to be my struggles to keep my hair in shape and manageable. Ever since I started to use Elastine's products, it changed the game! For my case, I can feel my hair became softer and smoother. The effect can lasts for a good 1-2 days. The reason I said so is because usually I will wash my hair once in 2 days. Anyway, the effect might differs from individuals.

This product is available on Hermo.


Rating: 5/5

Recommend: Absolutely recommended! Just give it a try ;)

Repurchase: Yes and I would love to try out other products from Elastine too!

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