February 10, 2018

[Review] Guerisson - Red Ginseng Eye Cream

Hello everyone! :)

I may go off to bed without sleeping mask or moisturizer, but I cannot without eye cream!

Reason why? Actually I have serious dark circle concern ever since I remember (countless nights of studying hahaha), it worsen when I needed to work with computer for 8 hours a day. My eyes are strained and tiresome, which eventually caused poor blood circulation in the area around my eyes. That's when eye cream comes in handy.

Review; Guerisson's Red Ginseng Eye Cream
Guerisson's Red Ginseng Eye Cream | 게리쏭 레드 진생 아이크림 | 20 ml

Particular, I am very fond of this Red Ginseng Eye Cream from Guerisson's Red Ginseng Series.

Are you a fan of Lee Kwang-soo? He is well-known being the brand ambassador for Guerisson. A charming person indeed.

Anyway, I believe you are no stranger to Guerisson's 9 Complex Horse Oil Series, especially the 9 Complex Horse Oil Cream (it's super popular in Malaysia!). The fact is, Red Ginseng Series is an upgraded version of the 9 Complex Horse Oil Series.

The Guerisson's Red Ginseng series formulation is said to be a perfect synergy between Horse Oil (intensive skin moisturizing) and Red Ginseng (youth energy complex). South Korea is particularly an expert in growing and exporting good quality ginseng. What more to combine ginseng with skincare product, voila, anti-aging here I come!

I bought this eye cream from my last trip to Hong Kong. It was sold for HKD99 as special offer. (It was HKD265 initially). I was quick to spot its eye-catching red packaging on the bottom of the shelves, and without much hesitation, I grabbed 2 into my cart. (My parents are using the other one since last September, and they are still using the same tube now hahaha).

Review; Guerisson's Red Ginseng Eye Cream

Review; Guerisson's Red Ginseng Eye CreamReview; Guerisson's Red Ginseng Eye Cream

Let's check out its texture.

The cream itself is light pink to nude in colour. Similar to Horse Oil texture, it is slightly on the oily side. As you squeeze the product, there is a noticeable Ginseng scent flowing out. I wasn't really fond of the smell at first, but I am slowly getting used to it.

Review; Guerisson's Red Ginseng Eye Cream

A close-up shot (below).

Review; Guerisson's Red Ginseng Eye Cream

As you can see (below), you can notice oil trace once you apply on the skin. Not much a worry, continue massage until the cream is fully absorbed. The formula is very moisturizing and the ginseng smell keeps on reminding me of "regenerating" and "revitalizing".

Review; Guerisson's Red Ginseng Eye Cream

To use, take a pea-size and apply along the eye area with fourth/fifth finger. The tip here is, the less pressure you use around your eyes, the better. Massage in a circular motion until the cream is fully absorbed.

Well, not that I can see significant improvement on my dark circles, but it feels better after a throughout eye massage. Since the eye cream formula is slightly oily, it makes the whole eye-massage process much easier as it glides smoothly on the skin, until it has fully absorbed.

As you read this post, you may have questions like below:-
(1) You are just in your 20s, is it necessary to do anti-aging now?
Answer: Yes, I believe anti-aging should start in early 20s to "preserve" your young look.

(2) Is Red Ginseng Eye Cream too heavy for youngsters?
Answer: It really depends on your skin type. For my case, the skin around my eyes are particularly dry and dull; so it fits me well. Plus, I'm using a pea-size amount on each side, not that I apply thickly around the eyes.

This product is available on Guerisson Online.

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Rating: 4/5

Recommend: Yes!

Repurchase: Not really as I would like to try out other eye cream products after this.

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