February 28, 2018

[Monthly Project] #15 LANEIGE Mini Product Review (Primer, Foundation, Water Sleeping Mask and Lip Sleeping Mask)

Monthly Project (February 2018)

#15 LANEIGE Mini Product Review

If you are following my blog, you would be able to tell, I am much on road shops products, simply because they are much affordable. I could try out as much products as I could without much commitments.

So when I got these testers from my sister, I was over the moon! I could try them first before getting to purchase the full size product. That sounds amazing to me.

If you are as excited as I was, keep on reading. ;)

What you can expect from this post:
  • My trial experience (about 2-3 months) on LANEIGE mini testers (Primer, Foundation, Sleeping Mask and Lip Sleeping Mask).

Monthly Project; #15 LANEIGE Mini Product Review

① LANEIGE's Water Supreme Primer Base SPF15 PA+ No. 60 Light Green (5ml)

Monthly Project; #15 LANEIGE Mini Product Review; Water Supreme Primer Base and Foundation

"A primer base with the supple Aqua Texture to smoothen the surface of the skin as moisturizing primer and prepares it for foundation with moisture coating." -LANEIGE.

As you can tell from the photo above, the Water Supreme Primer Base has green watery texture. It looks like it is more watery in texture than the Foundation.

Remember the color correcting theory? Yes, green is used to cancel out redness. On top of that, I think it does improve on brightening up the overall complexion.

From the photos below, you may notice the dark circles under my eye has lighten a bit after application.

Strength(s) : Watery texture earlier for application and blending, pleasant luxury scent.
Weakness(es) : My skin requires more moisture from the primer.
Comment(s) : In terms of smoothing the skin surface for foundation, I don't quite see that.
Purchase full size product? I don't think so. :/

② LANEIGE's Water Supreme Foundation SPF15 PA+ No. 21 Natural Beige (5ml)

"A skin-clarifying foundation with the supple Aqua Texture to enhance moisture clarity of your skin with a supple and refreshing texture. Before use, Shake well." -LANEIGE.

So the Water Supreme Foundation has a thicker consistency as compared to its primer (photo above). Since the packaging is transparent, it is easily to tell the shade. I thought it looks like a red-brownish shade from the packaging, but it turns out to be a very natural beige shade.

As you can tell from the comparison photos above, it does has pretty good coverage in terms of covering that dark circle under my eye.

Strength(s) : Good natural coverage, watery light texture, pleasant luxury scent.
Weakness(es) : The foundation sets a bit slow. It causes creases on my eye lids and around the nose.
Comment(s) : If you wish to have less makeup look, I think it would be a good pick.
Purchase full size product? Perhaps could be considered, but not in need of that at the moment.

③ LANEIGE's Water Sleeping Mask (for all skin types) (15ml)

Monthly Project; #15 LANEIGE Mini Product Review; Water Sleeping Mask
"SLEEP-TOX™ technology’s purifying effects help to rejuvenate and normalize skin that is often fatigued and sensitized by stress during the day. This helps the skin to achieve a well-rested appearance the next morning. 
MOISTURE WRAP™ helps skin retain moisture throughout the night. 
SLEEPSCENT™ specially developed for Laneige Water Sleeping Mask is an AMOREPACIFIC original, allowing skin to relax and rest and boosting its ability to regenerate." -LANEIGE.

Monthly Project; #15 LANEIGE Mini Product Review; Water Sleeping Mask

I bet you all aren't stranger to this product right here. At least you would have heard of it. One of LANEIGE's best seller - the Water Sleeping Mask.

Strong reason why it is so popular? Because people see the result on the next morning. I am one of them. I can already see the result while using this small tester.

Monthly Project; #15 LANEIGE Mini Product Review; Water Sleeping Mask

Take some and apply it on your skin. Observe it quickly melts into a moisture-wrapping layer on top of the skin, without feeling burden on the skin, accompanied with subtle relaxing scent...

Monthly Project; #15 LANEIGE Mini Product Review; Water Sleeping Mask

For my case, in the nights when I'm super tired or lazy, I will just take some of these sleeping mask, apply it and pop into bed. My skin would looks refresh (not sulky or dull) on the next morning.

Strength(s) : Moisture-wrapping yet not burden on the skin, skin rejuvenate and restore effect.
Weakness(es) : -
Comment(s) : It might be hard to imagine how it works, but yeah, it's quite a go-to sleeping mask.
Purchase full size product? Absolutely yeah! ☺☺☺

④ LANEIGE's Lip Sleeping Mask (3g)

Monthly Project; #15 LANEIGE Mini Product Review; Lip Sleeping Mask
"A lip sleeping mask that provides smooth firm lips by gently melting away dead skin on the lips overnight." -LANEIGE.

I must confessed that I was uncertain on this lip product at first (I mean, does it work?), but it quickly changed my mind. Okay, I try not to be bias because of this soft lovely pink packaging, but seriously, it's sweet cherry flavour is the real charm!

Monthly Project; #15 LANEIGE Mini Product Review; Lip Sleeping Mask

It is a balm-type. Use your finger to apply it onto the lips.

Instantly, you can feel like a moisture-coating on the lips. As you can see, it helps to reduce the look of chapped lips. Best part? You are not restricted to use it as a sleeping mask, but you could also use it wherever you wish, be it a lip balm or lip primer.

Strength(s) : Pleasant sweet scent and lip moisturizing effect.
Weakness(es) : It requires consistent usage to see better result.
Comment(s) : Personally I am obsessed with this lip product.
Purchase full size product? I would absolutely consider to.


And that's all for my mini product review on LANEIGE. I am truly grateful to be able to share these with you. If you would like to read more posts like this, do leave a comment below and let's interact! :D

'Til the next time. Cheers!

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