February 28, 2018

[Monthly Project] #16 January & February 2018 Empties!!!

Monthly Project (February 2018)

#16 January & February 2018 Empties!!!

Welcome back to another post on my empties. Greetings to you as we are heading into the third month of the year.

To you who are new in my blog, Monthly Project is where I will share a collective products with a specific theme. And most probably you are here because you want to know whether these products (which I am going to share in a minute) are worth buying or not.

Without further explanation, let's get it started!

What you can expect from this post:
  • Products which I have emptied or discarded in the past 2 months.

SON&PARK; 식물나라; Nature Republic; banila co.; ISKIN; elianto; Good Virtues Co.; Mentholatum; IOPE; Etude House; BBIA; Suisse

① SON&PARK's Beauty Water (340ml)

(click here for full product review)

Strength(s) : Multi-purpose beauty water (toner and makeup remover) without leaving the skin dry
Weakness(es) : -
Final rating : 4 / 5
Repurchase/Comment? Does it easily replaceable? I think yes. I enjoy the quality and result, but perhaps not repurchasing it in short term.

Sikmulnara(식물나라)'s Oxygen Water Waterproof Sun Spray SPF50+ PA+++ (100ml)

(click here for related product review)

Strength(s) : Light-weight spray which it doesn't feel sticky on the skinWeakness(es) : -Final rating : 5 / 5Repurchase/Comment? I am definitely getting it again if going to South Korea!

③ Nature Republic's Whitening & Wrinkle Improvement Ginseng Royal Silk Essence (40ml)

(click here for full product review)

Strength(s) : Smooth and rich texture that nourishes the skin almost instantly. Good to apply around the eyes.
Weakness(es) : -
Final rating : 4 / 5
Repurchase/Comment? I really enjoy using this all-in-one essence which I think this one product is sufficient for my entire night routine, because of its richness. However, I would love to try out other products for the meantime.

④ banila co.'s it fresh Lip&Eye remover (blue) (100ml)

(click here for full product review)

Strength(s) : Quick makeup remover without irritant, especially good on waterproof eye makeup.
Weakness(es) : The press-and-turn cap doesn't work well towards the finishing the product (urgh). It happened twice as I purchased 2 bottles of these makeup removers. It may due to air pressure or something like that. Please do improve!
Final rating : 4 / 5 (because of the malfunction cap, -1, I am so disappointed)
Repurchase/Comment? Not going to for the moment.

⑤ ISKIN's Moisture Defense Serum (30g)

(click here for full product review)

Strength(s) : Rich in Hyaluronic Acid (HA), restores moisture almost instantly yet doesn't feel heavy on skin
Weakness(es) : -
Final rating : 4.5 / 5
Repurchase/Comment? It is a good quality liquid moisturizer. Perhaps to repurchase, but I still have other products in stock waiting to try on.

⑥ ISKIN's Nourishing Eye Gel (15g)

Strength(s) : Warming effect after application that soothes the muscles around the eyes
Weakness(es) : -
Final rating : 4.5 / 5
Repurchase/Comment? Yes, in fact I have restock it. The texture is just nice for beginners who would like to start anti-aging routine.

⑦ elianto's Adore femme Eau De Toilette

Strength(s) : Artistic packaging, sophisticating scent
Weakness(es) : -
Final rating : 5 / 5
Repurchase/Comment? I wonder does they still produce this perfume :/ It was my first ever perfume bought. To me, it has a very special meaning.

⑧ Good Virtues Co.'s Radiant & Renewing Anti-Bacterial & Hydrating Shower Cream (80ml/travel size/tester)

Strength(s) : Sweet candy relaxing scent
Weakness(es) : -
Purchase full size product? To me, I am not really particular with body shampoos. As long as it does what it should, I am cool with anything. Whether to buy full size product, I guess it all goes down to price. Would I rush to the store right now to purchase it? No, I don't think so.

⑨ Mentholatum's Maxilip

(click here for full product review)

Strength(s) : Instant moisture coating for chapped lips
Weakness(es) : It works sometimes and sometimes doesn't
Final rating : 2.5 / 5
Repurchase/Comment? I am not too sure about this product. Anyway I have decided to try on other products, so not going to repurchase anytime soon.

⑩ IOPE's Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning (18ml/tester)

Strength(s) : Skin moisturizing and rejuvenating
Weakness(es) : -
Purchase full size product? I am not too sure about this. It's hard to tell the result in 5 days. Heard a lot of good things about this product, and now they have a renewed formulation. Perhaps would consider to purchase the renewed version.

⑪ Suisse's Cellular Boosting Day Cream SPF30 (2ml/sample)

Strength(s) : Creamy soft pink day cream, good moisturizing power that lasts throughout the day
Weakness(es) : -
Purchase full size product? I am not quite familiar with this brand as this was a gift from colleague. Would love to give it a try if financially approves.

⑫ Etude House's Big Cover Cushion Concealer SPF30 / PA++ (Mint)

(click here for full product review)

Strength(s) : Brightening and concealing redness on the skin
Weakness(es) : The sponge applicator broke into pieces and didn't make it to the end
Final rating : 2 / 5
Repurchase/Comment? I really like the idea and the whole color correcting concept, but unfortunately it didn't make through. Perhaps a more thicker texture would deliver better than liquid type.

⑬ BBIA's Last Auto Gel Eyeliner (10 Noir & 04 Rose Gold)

Strength(s) : Creamy smooth gliding texture, strong pigmentation
Weakness(es) : Dry out quickly without proper storage
Final rating : 4 / 5
Repurchase/Comment? I must confess that I am guilty of ruining these babes. I should've store them properly (avoiding the sun) for longer product life (T.T). Anyway, BBIA still my favourite gel eyeliner go-to brand. Definitely would repurchase.


That's all for now. Thank you for hanging there until the end.

Which of these products you are considering to purchase? Tell me more about it in the comment section below. Let's interact! :D

'Til the next time. Cheers!

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