February 17, 2018

[Review] Mamonde - Rose Water Toner

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I know I came across this product waaaay too behind from the hype. If you are interested to read on my personal thoughts on this toner or perhaps you are still considering on whether to purchase, continue scrolling. ;) Bear with me, I will be quick.

Review; Mamonde's Rose Water Toner
Mamonde's Rose Water Toner | 마몽드 로즈워터 토너 | 250 ml

Fun fact on how to pronounce the brand name. How would you pronounce "Mamonde"? Aha! It caught me too. The word 'Mamonde' is originated from French (translated as 'my world' in French, pronounces as "may-mon-d"). However, in this case, Korean brand Mamonde is pronounced as "ma-mong-deu". Have you got it correctly now? :D

It is made of sturdy pink plastic bottle. Not squeezable. At first, I thought the toner itself carries subtle pink; that's because I got the wrong illusion from the pink transparent bottle. So yeah, the bottle is transparent, so you know exactly when to stock in.

Basically, the product description everything is written in pure Korean, printed in white font on the packaging itself.

Review; Mamonde's Rose Water Toner

Review; Mamonde's Rose Water Toner

Don't worry, there are always English-translated product description for us all. ;) Source Althea.

Great. One of the selling points is that Mamonde's Rose Water Toner is made of 90.89% of Damask rose water from Bulgaria than just water. That's a very bold claim.

Besides, they also claimed that they maintained the rose water essence by undergoing low temperature ultra-high pressure sampling process to minimize the change in the active ingredients.

Last but not least, the product is free from 3 ingredients: synthetic pigment, animal ingredient and mineral oil. Hence, slogan as "3 FREE".

The product came in just the bottle packaging itself, without any box packaging or wrapping material. There is a pink seal adheres on the flip-top white cap to indicate the product is new. Do check on the pink seal before purchasing it (at physical stores, if possible).

Review; Mamonde's Rose Water Toner

Untwist the top cap on your first use. There is a protective seal which you need to remove before using it (as below). Another indicator that the product is new.

Review; Mamonde's Rose Water Toner

As you can see (below), the toner itself is transparent. I do noticed that it's consistency isn't exactly like water, but slightly slippery and heavy than water. That's when I read about ieyra h.'s review then I learned that the slippery feeling is due to glycerin. Source: ieyra h. So that wasn't an illusion after all (heh).

Review; Mamonde's Rose Water Toner

Review; Mamonde's Rose Water Toner

One thing that kept me off-guard was the strong rose scent. Geez, I did not expect to be that prominent. To a certain sense, it is successful in delivering that selling point. For decades, rose scent is known as therapeutic and relaxing because of its aromatic scent.

Generally, people would love to carry the scent, but too much of one thing does not necessarily pleasing. I am not too sure whether it is artificial scent or whatsoever, but bear in mind, if you are sensitive to fragrance, perhaps you have to reconsider on your purchase.

Now, this toner is claimed to be multi-functional: 1) normal use on cotton pads, 2) moisturizing mist, and 3) calming DIY sheet mask pack.

So far I have only tried on the first 2 methods for the past few months. Not really into DIY sheet mask, so yeah (I skipped).

Usually I will dab my cotton pads with Mamonde's Rose Water Toner in my morning routine. It helps to freshen up. A gentle morning call for the skin and mind. And I will proceed with the remaining AM routine accordingly.

My personal favourite would be the mist. Pour the Rose Water Toner to an empty spray bottle and carry them around (as below). Use when necessary. I used to put a mist bottle in my bathroom, so that I can spray it on my face once I cleansed my face. To lock the moisture in.

Review; Mamonde's Rose Water Toner

I bought this product from Althea for RM48.


Rating: 2.5/5

Recommend: As a toner, not really. As a scented mist, yeah.

Repurchase: Maybe.

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