March 24, 2018

[Review] ALIVE:LAB - Multi Ice Cream

Hello everyone! :)

Today I would like to share with you my current morning moisturizing cream. :D

If you are a student or young working adult, without much extra allowance, our aim is to get functional products with affordable price.

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First of all, let's explore this Multi Ice Cream, shall we?

Review; ALIVE:LAB's Multi Ice Cream
ALIVE:LAB's Multi Ice Cream | 얼라이브랩 멀티 아이스 크림 | 100ml

I learned about this product about 1 year ago, while watching Korean Youtuber Hanbyul as she breakdowns to viewers her TOP 10 Best Beauty Items for 2017.

In the video, she mentioned that if she must choose a moisturizing cream for the rest of her life, that would be ALIVE:LAB's Multi Ice Cream for sure. She has tried a large range of skincare products, from high end to drugstore, and here's her statement.

TOP10 (eng sub) Best Beauty Items for 2017 | Hanbyul link here

Wow, I am really tempted to purchase this amazing cream! In fact, I have been searching for this product for some time before it was launched on Hermo (shopping site). There and then I finally got my hands on it! :D

Let's get into the product!

The main ingredients of Multi Ice Cream are Canadian glacial milk (for skin cooling) and Galactomyces ferment filtrate (for skin nourishment).

I do not know the philosophy behind the product name, but a wild guess, I think it is called "multi" because it can be mixed together with ALIVE:LAB's Centella Dressing Powder or Red-Spot Lemon Powder. "Ice" is to portray the cooling effect.

However, to categorize this product as "cream" could be very misleading. :/ The fact is it has opaque gel texture (as below).

Review; ALIVE:LAB's Multi Ice Cream

The gel is firm and definitely not watery-type cream. See, even I scoop it and turn it upside down, it won't fall or slip (as below).

Review; ALIVE:LAB's Multi Ice Cream

Yes, it does come with the spatula in the package. :) It comes in handy and more hygienic too!

Usually I will take one scoop of the Multi Ice Cream for my entire face.

Review; ALIVE:LAB's Multi Ice Cream

Rub the product until it is absorbed into the skin. It will give a shining (looks moisturizing) effect once you applied on the skin. Be careful on the amount, so that you will not appear as if you have an oily face.

Usually I will apply sunscreen and concealer in order to complete my morning routine.

Review; ALIVE:LAB's Multi Ice Cream

You may ask? Is this product sufficient to provide moisture to our skin?

Well, I certainly couldn't say for everyone as we have different skin conditions. As for me, I have combination skin and I am very happy with this product. It doesn't feel burden after applied it on the skin, but rather refreshing. Plus, it doesn't have any distinguish fragrance or disturbing scent. That's why I keep going into this product every morning.

Remember the Korean Youtuber Hanbyul I mentioned earlier? She has dry skin and she says this product tackles not only the surface, but also inner skin dryness. That's why she loves it so much.
(*Note: It might be insufficient if you are experiencing extreme skin dryness.)

Review; ALIVE:LAB's Multi Ice Cream

This product costs around KRW16,000 (approximately RM50+) if you purchase in South Korea.

updated on 20/05/2018:-
Leave the Multi Ice Cream in refrigerator to stay cool and wait to discover its sherbet-like ice cream texture! Try it now! ;)


Rating: 4.5/5

Recommend: Highly recommend for daily moisture.

Repurchase: Perhaps not so soon, as I would like to try out another similar product.

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