March 10, 2018

[Review] Etude House - Dr. Mascara Fixer (For Perfect Lashes)

Hello everyone! :)

Are you the following:-
(1) Dislike to apply mascara as it always smudge, especially under-eyes?
(2) Could not make the mascara fiber to stick onto the lashes properly?
(3) Frustrate because the lashes could not stay firm and curl for the whole day?

Maybe here's something you can try on. ;)

Review; Etude House's Dr. Mascara Fixer (For Perfect Lashes)
Etude House's Dr. Mascara Fixer (For Perfect Lashes) | 에뛰드 하우스 닥터 마스카라 픽서

Probably you have heard of it before. It's okay, I understand it isn't a newly launched product anyway. Continue to read on your pleasure. :)

Many Korean Youtubers highly recommended this product way some time ago, yet I was skeptical. I wonder how true about what they claimed. So I purchased one last year.

Without much knowledge on the product, I was surprised to see the opaque formula when I pulled out the applicator.

"What is this? How am I gonna use it? How does it work?" All these questions flooded my brain.

"Should I wear it before applying mascara, or after?" You may laugh at me, but seriously, that was me then, super naive. >.<'''

Review; Etude House's Dr. Mascara Fixer (For Perfect Lashes)

The answer is, apply it as a primer before applying mascara. And yes, you should curl your lashes before applying Dr. Mascara Fixer.

Think it as a layer of coating for your lashes, similar to a base coat for manicure.

Okay, demo time for better illustration!

Before applying Etude House's Dr. Mascara Fixer

Notice a white cast(?0 on my upper and under lashes after applying the product. Apply from the lash roots to the tips, just like how you use mascara. Brush it throughoutly.

After applying Etude House's Dr. Mascara Fixer

It dries pretty fast. Then proceed to apply the upper and under lashes with mascara (any mascara will do).

In this demo, I am using LASHADDICT's Major Drama Mascara for my upper lashes as I enjoy its black and bold dramatic effect; Meanwhile, I am using MAYBELLINE's LASHIONISTA for my under lashes as I love its thin and long brush (I have sparse under lashes, thin brush has easier application).

Applying upper lashes with LASHADDICT's Major Drama Mascara

Applying under lashes with MAYBELLINE's LASHIONISTA

Review; Etude House's Dr. Mascara Fixer (For Perfect Lashes)
End result - Side

Can you tell the difference? :D The end result pretty much says for itself.

End result - Front

I can never go back without this product. It is indeed a life-changing beauty item.

Best part? It is SUPER affordable! (YAY :D)

This product is available in Etude House concept stores, Althea and Hermo.


Rating: 5/5

Recommend: Highly recommend for perfect lashes all-day long!

Repurchase: Definitely!

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