June 10, 2018

[Terengganu] Relaxing East Coast 5D4N Getaway Day 3.1 Good Morning●Snorkeling in Tiffany Blue Sea●Turtle Observation (lucky!)

Terengganu Relaxing East Coast 5D4N Getaway

May 29, 2018 (Tuesday)

Good morning, Pulau Perhentian!

It feels super refreshing to wake up in the garden! Surrounded with greens and clean air! You definitely can't get this in urban city..

Hyeon Travel Journal; Pulau Perhentian Resort; Green Garden

Hyeon Travel Journal; Pulau Perhentian Resort; Green Garden

Hyeon Travel Journal; Pulau Perhentian Resort; Green Garden

Let's dive into the Tiffany Blue sea!!! (feat. Snorkeling)

If you read my previous post, bet you already noticed it... YASSS the Tiffany Blue sea!!! (Omgeee!!!)

I tell you, you will 100% regret if you don't dive / swim in it! NOWAYYY

Let's get embrace by the sea~~~~~~~

Hyeon Travel Journal; Pulau Perhentian Resort

Oh crap, I don't know how to swim @@

NO WORRIES! That's the beauty of snorkeling!!! (exactly)

Because you will be wearing life jacket (to keep you floating) and snorkeling mask (to allow you to breathe under the sea).

This is my FIRST TIME doing snorkeling (and also Derrick Poh's first snorkeling)!! Super excited!!!

Thanks to my friends, Emmy and Derick Soong, whom guided us throughout the whole snorkeling 1-2-3 learning process.

Our travel package includes 2 snorkeling sessions, 2 hours per session.

The first snorkeling sessions took off from 10AM-12PM (2 hours). Covering three (3) snorkeling points: Shark Point, Teluk Keke, Turtle Base.

We, both beginners, were struggling on the first try.. Having difficulties breathing using the mask. Choked and drank some sea water too.. (>.<)

Slowly when we get the technique, then we were able to enjoy the scene under the sea (tee-hee).

(Didn't bring my phone since it is not water-proof... Anyway Derick Soong bought a water-proof case which he took many videos!!!)

We briefly had lunch back at the Resort after the first snorkeling session. Basically we were just trying to recover physically... Try to drink more water to prevent from heat stroke.

The second snorkeling session starts from 2PM-4PM, covering another three (3) snorkeling points: Nemo Garden, Tanjung Basi, Tiga Ruang.

Although it was hot, but it's totally WORTH IT!!!!!!!


Taking photo with newly-made friends all the way from Switzerland! (*^0^*)

Honestly, their coral reefs were so-so. But I wouldn't mind going back AGAIN, just because of the seaaaaaaa... (weeeeee)


Since today is gonna be our last day of stay on the island, it will be wasted if we don't fully utilize our time (it will be a fool if we don't).

Tourist shot (hello there :))

Hyeon Travel Journal; Pulau Perhentian Resort; Tiffany Blue Sea
Handsomely grown Coconut Tree XD

Hyeon Travel Journal; Pulau Perhentian Resort
Ola! ;)

Hyeon Travel Journal; Pulau Perhentian Resort
Imagining having meal here during good weathers...

Hyeon Travel Journal; Pulau Perhentian Resort; Sunset
Shy sunset

Hyeon Travel Journal; Pulau Perhentian Resort; Panorama
Panorama shot by the beach

Hyeon Travel Journal; Pulau Perhentian Resort; Dinner

Turtle Observation (You must be lucky to be able to watch one!)

That's the exact word told by the staff to us. "If you are lucky enough, you might get to watch turtle lays egg. Or perhaps, you have it's mobile number so you could phone it and make reservation?" XD

Nope, turtles do not have cell phones.

As four of us were strolling along the beach after dinner, we have absolutely no idea what's going to happen later...

Until Derrick Poh whispers to us asking, "is that a turtle (by the beach)? is it me or what, I think it is moving..."

WHUTTT you must be kidding me!!

As four of us slowly approaching, some other tourists might also spotted the turtle. It didn't take much time until the whole "village" came to pay a visit.

The closest shot using my phone... Giant turtle!

Soon a team of turtle conservationists came and tried to keep tourists from getting too near to the turtle.

Long story short, the turtle actually dug more than 5 holes before it finally decided on one. (seriously???) The whole process, from the time we spotted it until it finally lays eggs, it took more than 3 hours!!! (no joke)

I was at the point where I can barely can open my eyes... due to tiredness. (much physical activities done in the day)

We didn't wait until the turtle finishes laying her eggs. Instead we made our move back to our rooms. Bucket list ticked. Now go to bed babies...

---stay tuned for more exciting stories---

::: Coming Up Next ::: My First Ever Snorkeling Experience and Turtle Observation (luckyyy)  :::

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